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The Israeli FM was notoriously loose with his tongue before he assumed office. His remarks against Mubarak reverberate to this day: Lieberman is persona non grata in Egypt.

Lieberman has introduced a refreshing tone into Israeli diplomacy: it is no longer diplomatic. After Erdogan’s speech in Lebanon, the Israeli FM accused him of “tongue-lashing,” an offensive phrase unthinkable to career diplomats.

Egypt has banned the UNRWA and other food convoys from entering Gaza through the Rafah Crossing. Thus, our Palestinian enemies in Gaza can now only receive food and medicines through Israel.

Israel has little choice: if she closes her border with Gaza, Egypt will be hard pressed to open the Rafah Crossing, and Israel will lose even the minimal customs control she now exercises over the goods entering Gaza.

The British government has blacklisted the Islam4UK group, which protested British involvement in Afghanistan and advocated sharia law for British Muslims.

In practical terms, British actions may be commendable and might even set Muslim terrorists against the UK. On the other hand, the ban is a clear violation of free speech rights, and it establishes a dangerous precedent.

Prosecutors have ordered three more policemen arrested for beating an Arab car thief.

In the meantime, the Arab has again stolen the same motorcycle which the policemen have been jailed for rescuing.

And this time the police would not bother to catch the Arab perpetrators.

January 2010
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