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At the cabinet meeting today, Netanyahu vowed that Israel would react strongly to any attacks by terrorists.

In the meantime, four shells were fired from Gaza at Israeli population centers.

After the government allowed a “Manasseh” tribe of Hindus to immigrate to Israel, the story took another turn. The Foreign Ministry agreed to fund genetic research to determine whether another Indian tribe, the Afridi Pathans, are descendants of the Jewish tribe of Efraim. Never mind that we have no genetic samples from Efraim. If the research turns up a positive correlation, Israel will have to admit another mob of barbarians who possibly have a remote Jewish ancestor.

Funny, the Afghani Pashtun, a backbone tribe of the Taliban and mojahedeen murderers, also trace their ancestry to the Afridi Pathans. It might not be long before we hand down immigration papers to Mullah Omar.

In a Knesset briefing, the Transportation Ministry warned that opening Highway 443 to Palestinian terrorists, as the High Court ordered, would push Jewish drivers onto the overcrowded Highway 1.

Technicalities aside, the government is certain that all or many Jews regard any Palestinian drivers as potential terrorists, and for a good reason.

Ten Israeli policemen were arrested after an Arab car thief from Hebron complained that they had beaten him. The Arab had stolen a motorcycle and demanded ransom, as they usually do. Naturally, the police applied pressure on the Arab to get his confession and info on accomplices.

Palestinian police would have broken all his bones if he had been arrested there. Israeli policemen did not maim the fellow, as would have been a reasonable thing to do, but merely beat him a little. The prosecution did not offer the police any advice on how else they should get confessions from Palestinian thieves.

After the Oslo Accords, car insurance in Israel skyrocketed because Arabs often steal Jewish cars and sell them either in the West Bank or to their Jewish owners.

The government has ordered all new apartments to have chemical and bacteriological filters installed, clearly in anticipation of a possible strike from Syria.

No peace is expected soon.

The Israeli president pardoned Isabella Belfer, who had been sentenced to six years in jail for kidnapping her granddaughter. The criminal helped to transport the girl to Russia, where she lost contact with her Israeli Jewish father. Belfer’s case became a rallying cry for the Israeli Russian community despite her clearly criminal actions.

The Russian president was reportedly instrumental in releasing Mrs. Belfer. No similar concessions were obtained from Russia, which has jailed scores of Israelis, including the notorious guerrilla instructor Colonel Klein.

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