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An Arab kid from the Galilee village of Jadida was hurt when the pipe bomb he had been assembling exploded in his hands.

If assembled properly, the pipe bomb might have blown up some Jews.

A 55-year-old man in Jerusalem has been arrested for having two wives. Hundred of thousands of Arabs are polygamous, but the police prefer to ignore that fact. Moreover, the Arabs have their other wives registered as single mothers, thus making them eligible for subsidies from politically correct Jews.

The Torah explicitly allows polygamy, the rabbinical ban against it has long expired, and in several cases Israeli rabbis have allowed men to take a second wife. In a country which allows homosexual marriage, what can be the moral basis for prohibiting polygamy?

The Israeli government complained to the US administration that the PA honored Dalal Mughrabi, a female terrorist who murdered 37 Jewish civilians (including children, if that makes any difference).

Too late. The PA has been honoring Mughrabi for many years, with schools and a stadium named after heró just as Israel honors its own terrorists.

What is bizarre is the fact that Israel complains to the Americans instead of cutting off tax transfers, reducing the water and electricity supply, or withdrawing Abbas’ transit privileges.

The Israeli Defense Minister, a notorious proponent of the peace process (isn’t that curious?) amended the construction freeze to allow the renovation of existing houses without adding apartments.

Very few settlers renovate their houses; it is too expensive for them, as the situation is too uncertain. The change will allow the enlargement of existing houses to any extent, thus allowing more people to live in the settlements, in direct contradiction of the spirit of the settlement freeze.

Many old school spies have warned that modern reliance on signal intelligence to the detriment of the human factor spells catastrophe. They appear to have been proven right, with Iran reportedly operating hundreds of underground bunkers and tunnels for military purposes. These are not visible on satellite photos, they cannot be detected or monitored, radiation probes around them are exceedingly difficult, and distinguishing several nuclear-related installations among them is almost impossible.

There is little doubt that some of these tunnels are used to enrich Natanz uranium to weapons-grade.

For forty years, Sari Nusseibeh was the major Palestinian proponent of the two-state solution. To that end, Nusseibeh worked closely with Israel’s ugliest ultra-left characters.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Nusseibeh ventured a new plan, which is what Rabbi Kahane argued all along: there must be a single state, and the Palestinians should have a right to stay in it with full personal, but no political rights.

Despite growing support for a single-state solution among Palestinian Arabs, the Israeli government is still bent on the two-state rhetoric.

January 2010
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