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According to Al Sabah newspaper, Iraqi MPs want the government to push a commercial case against Israel for bombing the Osiraq reactor 29 years ago.

Yeah, and next we’ll be paying unemployment benefits to the Poles who lost their lucrative jobs after Auschwitz was closed down.

The Iraqis probably got the idea from Iran, which has litigated against Israel for decades, demanding that we return the mammoth advances we received from Shah for weapons supplies.

Commercial matters between governments used to be arbitrated. In recent years, European courts have begun to disregard sovereign immunity and have issued orders against the property of foreign governments, notably Russia.

The UNSC won’t discuss new sanctions in January. China can only be so bold because Russia silently supports it. The two countries took turns rejecting sanctions so as to relieve the pressure on each of them.

The Chinese position is good for Israel. We don’t need to waste time with a new set of toothless, bypassable sanctions.

Well and good, Hamas has rejected Israel’s latest offer. As usual, the Arabs blamed Israel for breaking the almost-done deal and refusing “reasonable demands.” In a sense, they are right: Hamas followed a clear policy during the negotiations and did not change its demands. Israel, on the contrary, is constantly wavering and has no policy: the government agrees to release of particular murderers based on their media image rather than any firm guidelines.

Now the German mediator will help Hamas press Israel. He is personally close to Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists, and his ability to convince Israel to agree to Hamas’ demands will further improve his reputation with terrorists, and ultimately his position in German security establishment.

The Border Police arrested an Arab from Schem who was armed with a knife and planning to kill a few Jews.

Within two years he will be out of jail, a hero to his friends, with a Fatah sinecure waiting for him.

When our forefathers Simon and Levi became concerned with the indecent behavior of some of the residents of Schem, they killed its entire male population, and so solved the trouble.

The Attorney General has refused to indict Muhammad Bakri, director of the infamous “documentary” film Jenin, Jenin. Bakri clearly presents IDF soldiers as guilty of multiple war crimes, which according to Israeli law constitutes criminal libel.

Mazuz cannot touch Bakri because many movies about IDF by Israeli Jewish film directors are similarly libelous, and he cannot prosecute the entire ultra-left bunch.

January 2010
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