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Stuck in the high tree where he had climbed following Obama’s demand that Israel freeze settlement construction, Abbas came up with an ingenuous response. After talks with Mubarak, Abbas announced that he will stick to his demand for a construction freeze, but won’t oppose resuming the talks.

In plain words, Abbas will send a negotiator to conduct fruitless talks without admitting his own role in the negotiations.

After pressing for democratic elections in Lebanon and Palestine (which brought Hezbollah and Hamas to power), the US government continues to push the locals to commit political suicide by liberal means. According to Hamas reports, the White House forced Fatah to stop torturing Hamas prisoners in West Bank jails, leaving the terrorists with no reason to reform.

The Hussein has found a miraculously simple solution which will bring the Palestinian state into being within two years. Within eight months of the construction moratorium, Israel and the PLO must agree on borders, and in the following years they must  partition Jerusalem and Israel must admit refugees.

So simple. So idiotic.

Netanyahu’s government cannot agree to dismantle the settlement blocs. Abbas cannot agree to let them stay.

When Baruch Goldstein killed some dozens of Arabs in the Cave of Patriarchs in Hebron, the world went berserk and the Kach Party was banned.

In a routine incident today, IDF arrested two Palestinian youngsters armed with knives, who meant to stab Jewish worshipers in the same cave. No news.

The Obama administration has approved massive sales of hi-tech weapons to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab states. In particular, the naval rockets sold to Egypt can reliably penetrate Israeli Navy defenses.

The White House claimed the sales are intended to combat Al Qaeda terrorists. Last time we checked, they had no navy. Jews remain the only target for those weapons.

January 2010
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