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A paragon of human rights in the Middle East has joined the international condemnation of Israel for its decision to build a few houses for Jews in our capital. The Saudi FM called on Obama to be tough with Israel.

Israel should learn hypocrisy from the Arabs. The Saudis ban Christianity in their state but have the audacity to constantly appeal to the leader of the Christian world. They install their puppets in every country in the region (notably in Lebanon), but condemn Iran for doing likewise. The Saudis developed nuclear weapons in cooperation with Pakistan, and now they want the IAEA to inspect Israeli weapons. The Saudis would allow Israel to use their airspace for an attack on Iran, but trumpet Muslim unity. Together with the Americans, the Saudis have repeatedly carried out attacks inside Yemen, but condemn Israeli anti-terrorist raids.

The Saudis have the most expensive army in the Middle East.

Gone are the days when Arabs were able to stage meaningful terrorist attacks and Jews could retaliate meaningfully. The war has degenerated into a spat of slogans.

Netanyahu reportedly has agreed to consider the 1948 borders as “the basis” for negotiations. Of course, they always were the basis, without Israel saying so explicitly.

The Palestinians trumpet that as an important concession which has made them ready to return for another round of futile negotiations in which neither side will be able to agree on “land exchange” because Israeli settlement blocs are located in places that are strategically inconvenient for a Palestinian state.

Knowing full well the futility of the exercise, Egypt commended Netanyahu’s “bold position.”

Israeli leftists need desperately to start peace negotiations with the Arabs before the ten-month moratorium expires. With talks underway, no one would dare to resume construction in the settlements.

The cabinet approved approximately $100 million subsidy for Sderot, a significant amount by Israeli standards. The fortification, not expected to be completed before 2012, shows the government’s confidence in the peace process.

Netanyahu’s government will “boost protection” for children after two of them were murdered this weekend. Routine household murders, of course, are unavoidable in any society, and their rate is much lower in Israel than in the United States, but the government is making policy in response to the latest media reports.

The Palestinian and Jordanian governments have demanded that Canada seize the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are now on loan at Toronto’s museum. The scrolls were indeed discovered in what was at the time Jordan, and would become Palestine.

Britain and France hold in their museums immense treasures from their former colonies, but Israel must abide by the imagined international law.

And, indeed, she has abided: after Peres signed a peace treaty with Jordan, Israel returned to Jordan some extremely important Jewish artifacts, including manuscripts.

Hamas has vowed to invest half of its $60 million in tax revenue in East Jerusalem, Israel. Hamas’ civil budget is $540 million, 88% of which is funded by foreign aid, about the same amount per capita as Israel.

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