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Russia’s Sukhoi company has tested its newest T-50 jet. Touted as a fifth-generation fighter jet with improved stealth capabilities, the plane actually belongs to the 4+ generation.

The T-50 is reportedly a re-engineered version of the American F/A-22. While puritans might decry the Russian habit of stealing foreign designs from the Kalashnikoff to the T-50, this is a cost-effective policy.

It will probably take at least five years for the Russians to introduce the first squadrons of T-50s, about the same time as would be required for F/A-22 delivery to Israel. The T-50 is rumored to be offered for export at $50 to 70 million, which would be a quarter to half the price of the F/A-22. Certainly, Russia will be more forthcoming than the US administration in allowing Jews to install our own avionics into the jets. Spending a few billion for Russian jets will do more to stop S-300 sales to iran and S-400 to Syria than any diplomatic pressure.

As usual, the Russian copy will be less reliable than the American original and will have the engine problems that plague Sukhoi’s currently manufactured models, but they are suprasuffcient for any of IAF’s operations against Muslims.

Hillary Clinton in ChinaIn a lame attempt to woo China to support sanctions on Iran, Clinton declared that the nuclearization of Iran would disrupt oil shipments from Arab countries to China. Oh, really? Does she imagine that the Saudis, Qataris, and Kuwaitis will protest China’s inaction regarding Iran by suspending oil shipments? Or that Iran, which depends entirely on oil shipments, will expel oil tankers from the Persian Gulf heavily policed by the US Navy?

Clinton also shared with the world her prediction that a nuclear Iran would prompt Israel to spark a regional arms race. As if the Middle East is not the world’s largest arms importer, anyway.

The Israeli government has accepted the UN’s right to judge it, and IDF is preparing a thousand-page report which rebuts the Goldstone allegations in detail.

The government will set up yet another commission, formally independent of the IDF, to re-investigate our soldiers.

No civilized country had ever accepted a demand by international organizations to investigate its troops.

The government’s two commandos, Netanyahu and Barak, seem about to embark on a covert war. Another reported casualty is Hamas veteran Mahmoud Mabhouh, who was assassinated in Dubai.

Too much assassination activity upsets the status quo in which both Israel and the terrorists refrain from striking at each other’s soft targets abroad.

Palestinian worker in IsraelA leftist group, Kav LaOved, published another anti-Israeli report which alleges that the country ’stole’ some 1 billion shekels paid to Israeli National Insurance Institute by Palestinian workers.

After the Oslo Accords, Israel transferred most of the insurance money to Arafat, who promptly stole it. This led Palestinian advocates to accuse Israel of hurting Palestinians. So we’re accused whether we keep the money or give it to the PA.

The National Insurance Institute is an Israeli organization, and there is no legal reason for it to export its funds. When foreign workers pay social security in the US, the funds are not transferred to Mexico upon their improbable departure. But Israel is judged by different standards.

Taliban officialsThe UN mission chief in Afghanistan met with top Taliban officials. Separate negotiations admit that the US intervention in Afghanistan has failed, as we have been saying from the beginning.

Khaled Sheikh MohammedThe mayor of New York cited the expected cost of trying 9/11 terrorists in downtown in his plea to the Attorney General to change the venue.

Those people have already confessed and seek martyrdom, so why waste public money?

The US administration leaked information about plans to beef up its missile defense systems in the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Militarily, this is complete nonsense: there is not a chance that Iran would attack these countries even if Israel were to strike at Natanz. Bahrain is increasingly falling into Irani’s orbit; UAE is Iran’s window to the outside world, despite the sanctions; and attacking Saudi Arabia would certainly bring the USAF into Tehran.

Obama’s move is merely a show intended to balance Ahmadinejad’s achievements. The Iranian leader has promised that by early February his country will start enriching uranium to 20%. The same technology would allow Iran to enrich its stocks to weapons-grade. Iran’s Weapons Group had already conducted successful experiments on implosive warheads, and 20% enrichment capability means that Iran is three months away from manufacturing the bomb.

As we had expected, Hamas threatened retaliatory attacks on Israeli targets abroad over the Dubai assassination. That won’t happen anytime soon because the assassinated terrorist had not been active in Gaza for many years and had only historical importance to Hamas. Unless, being based in Dubai, he was Hamas’ liaison with Iran.

Mossad’s involvement in strangling Mabhouh (or poisoning him through a pillow, by another account) is made somewhat doubtful by reports that he had noticed weeks before his assassination that he was being shadowed. Mossad would normally abandon a non-vital operation if the target had been alerted.

Israel reportedly was forced to accept America’s invitation to a conference on nuclear proliferation. Most of the countries attending the conference lack nuclear capabilities, but it is generally understood that Israel is invited as a nuclear club member.

Israeli participation in the conference is pointless: Jews do not engage in nuclear proliferation.

By exposing Israel’s illegal nuclear program, Obama deliberately puts the Jewish state on the same footing with Iran. Obama’s plan is to prevent Israel from pushing him too hard on Iran.

Evil Israeli soldiers robbed a Palestinian civilian at a checkpoint near Schem. The poor fellow lost six pipe bombs to the Zionists and was unable to continue on his mission to kill a few Jews.

Meanwhile, other Palestinian freedom fighters hurled stones at an Israeli car not far from Ramallah, wounding a Jewish woman.

Obama might want to keep a low profile in Yemen, but the US military presence there is already huge. Yemen and Saudi Arabia have succeeded in dragging the United States into their sectarian violence.

Yemeni and Saudi Salafis presented their conflict with the Zaidi sect as a terrorist-related issue by trumpeting Zaidis’ ties to Al Qaeda. Never mind that the Salafis have similar ties, and indeed Salafist groups in Gaza are so tilted toward Al Qaeda that Hamas sees them as a political threat to its regime.

The fact that a handful of about 8 million of Yemeni Zaidis have acquired a terrorist franchise from Al Qaeda in no way justifies America acting as a Saudi mercenary in that conflict.

The warring parties signed a ceasefire, which was broken a few hours later.

Libya and Russia have agreed to sign an $1.8 billion contract which reportedly includes Su-35 long-range bombers and S-300PMU2 SAM batteries. Libya would loan the bombers to Lebanon in the event of a war with Israel.

The deal might take time to finalize and it is unlikely that Russia would deliver S-300 to Libya, which can transfer them to another country.

But if S-300 is so good and relatively inexpensive, why does Israel rely on Patriot, Arrow-2, and X-band instead of procuring the superior Russian systems?

Afghani president Karzai has appealed to the Taliban to start negotiations immediately. The Taliban insist on the withdrawal of US troops before negotiations, but Karzai has suggested that a negotiated agreement will speed up the withdrawal.

No way can Karzai make such a bold offer without American approval. Any agreement with the Taliban will bring them into the government, and soon after the American withdrawal they will castrate Karzai, just as the mojahedeen did to the Soviet puppet Najibullah.

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