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Many analysts are concerned with the prospect of the Palestinians obtaining a UNSC resolution recognizing their state in the 1948 borders. For now, such a resolution is unlikely: the US would have to veto it lest Israel realign with Europe.

But UNSC resolutions are not binding and are commonly ignored. Both Israel and the Palestinians ignored the 1947 partitioning resolution (Israel ignored the borders, Arabs the partition). Israeli “occupation” of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria has been technically illegal ever since 1967, when no country recognized our territorial gains. A new resolution would not increase that illegality in any way.

All countries understand the impossibility of a simplistic return to the 1948 borders, which would involve uprooting 360 to 600 thousand Jews and our capital: the Western Wall, the City of David, and the government buildings in Jerusalem are also located beyond the 1948 borders.

Having the UN recognize a Palestinian state might benefit Israel by allowing us to stop subsidizing the enemy and start bombing it as a sovereign state.

The Thai army has deported some 4,000 Laotian refugees, some of whom have been living in Thailand for over three decades. Except for a slew of ritual condemnations from the UN and various “human rights” groups, Thailand suffered no consequences.

But sensitive Jews, of course, have to welcome tens of thousands of HIV-ridden African illegals.

The White House is trumpeting a new round of “crippling” sanctions against Iran. Of course the previous sanctions were also promoted as harsh.

No sanctions can bring Iran to its knees in a matter of months. By the time the sanctions have any effect, Iran will possess the bomb and Obama will have to drop the sanctions to avoid further antagonizing a nuclear rogue state.

Meanwhile, as the latest sign of its peaceful intentions, Iran secretly purchased 1,350 of purified uranium ore in Kazakhstan, a country which prostitutes itself equally to Iran, Russia, and China.

The leftist High Court allowed the West Bank Palestinians to use a highway connecting Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport. Huge security problems aside, why should Jewish taxpayers make their public property available to foreigners, let alone enemies?

December 2009
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