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The White House has condemned Israeli construction in East Jerusalem: a total of perhaps eight houses not far from the government buildings, though the plans trumpet the construction of hundreds of apartments. It begs explanation why the US has never condemned, for example, Moroccan settlement of the Sahara.

On the other hand, the Jews engaged in this fight for nothing. Either build massively and suffer exactly the same rhetoric from our “friends,” or don’t bother provoking them with unimportant projects.

Mad Jews agreed to build 500 apartments for Arabs in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Ehud Barak was the lone voice in the Israeli government against bombing the Syrian reactor and against the 2009 war in Gaza. Speaking to the Knesset, the Defense Minister claimed that Qom cannot be attacked “in a regular manner.” True, perhaps, though this raises the question of why Barak didn’t attack it during the construction stage. But there is no need to attack Qom: by now, it is empty, as amply verified by IAEA inspectors. And there is little reason for Israel to limit herself to conventional weapons while attacking nuclear sites.

Barak lied in saying that Iran will be able to build a nuclear bomb by 2011. Even the IAEA reported on Iran’s work with metal hemispheres, which means that the ayatollahs only need to produce them of highly enriched uranium in order for their Weapon Group to report success. This is a matter of two to three months after receiving the order.

Barak also declared his compassion for Iranian protesters crushed by the regime. Nonsense. The protesters are aligned with ultra-fundamentalist Ayatollah Montazeri, and with Rafsanjani, the father of the Iranian nuclear bomb. Barak is much less compassionate toward Jewish pioneers, whom he instructed the army to crush for their refusal to vacate their homes.

Following a silly bombing attempt by a Nigerian Muslim, Canada banned most carry-on luggage on planes. The terrorists might not have succeeded in bombing a plane, but they hugely inconvenienced millions of Westerners by causing security regulations to be tightened still more.

And the precautions are hopeless, as we have long argued. Explosives can be hidden in checked luggage; terrorists have plenty of unprotected targets besides planes. Terrorists have already transported bombs in their bodies: will passengers soon face a check by a proctologist? The Christmas terrorist hid liquid detonators in his underpants: will all passengers be strip-searched now?

The story of the US State Department not revoking the terrorist’s visa six months after his father notified them of his son’s Islamist affiliation will undoubtedly feed conspiracy theories.

Police arrested the mayor of Bat Yam on vague corruption charges: understandably, he helped his brother’s business. The list of charges against the mayor includes paying a traffic ticket with municipal funds.

Who even needs to speak of such petty corruption when the prime minister bribes the entire Knesset?

The US president issued an unusually harsh warning to terrorists worldwide after the Christmas bombing attempt.

The statement came on the heels of the US military surge in Afghanistan, a green light for the use of US drones in Pakistani airspace against Muslim radicals, and another drone attack in Yemen, which killed the imam who inspired the Fort Hood shooter.

When his peacenik policies fail, Obama may well become hawkish.

December 2009
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