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Having created the largest government ever, with 30 good-for-nothing ministers, Netanyahu continues down that path. He guaranteed two new ministries and several deputy ministries to Kadima MKs who are ready to leave their party.

Netanyahu fears defections from Likud—whose many MKs are dissatisfied with his cowardly policies— and has to split Kadima, which could otherwise vote his government out.

Meanwhile, Kadima is trying to bring the Labor Party dissidents to its Knesset faction.

An electoral system in which people vote for long party lists populated by largely unknown candidates who then enjoy independence in the Knesset invites corruption.

Hamas claimed a to have made a breakthrough in the Israeli position regarding two jailed arch-terrorists: Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat. The implication is that the Israeli government has agreed to release and deport them.

Iran objects to deportation because it wants Barghouti in the West Bank to replace moderate Abbas. But failure to make the exchange would harm the electoral prospects of Gaza’s Hamas leaders, who therefore traveled to Syria to convince Mashaal, the Iranian puppet, to accept deportation.

Israel, as always, allowed Hamas leaders safe passage from Gaza to Egypt instead of killing them at the border and thus solving the Shalit problem.

December 2009
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