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Speaking to the families of terror victims whose murderers will be released for a worthless corporal, Netanyahu posed the choice as one between “redeeming captives and protecting citizens.” Of course, he couldn’t care less about the captives; he is merely bowing in the face of the media’s howling.

Polls indicate that about forty to sixty percent of Jewish Israelis are in favor of exchanging Shalit. What could be better testimony to the inefficiency of democracy in an era when the media manufacture public opinion?

The Israeli government, proud as an ostrich with its head in sand, refuses to talk with Hamas. Instead, it involved a German go-between.

Israeli negotiations with Hamas center on less than a dozen high-value prisoners. Hundreds of other murderers and would-be murderers will be released with no questions asked. The government ignores the obvious fact that Israeli Arabs are enemies just like their West Bank brethren, and refuses to release terrorists who happen to be Israeli residents. The proper action would be to release them along with 1.5 million of their compatriots who currently reside in Israel.

A little chance remain that Netanyahu and the heads of Shabak and Mossad would prevail over Barak and Ashkenazi in rejecting the exchange.

The Austrian government vouched 1 million euros per year for the upkeep of Jewish cemeteries.

Well, sort of. A 16-year-old Jewish boy from the village of Yitzhar has been indicted for distributing leaflets in Petah Tikva saying that state prosecution goes against the Torah.

Weeks ago, state prosecution was furious when the Justice Minister expressed the hope that the state’s legal system would someday converge with the Torah.

The Chief rabbi of Har Brach military yeshiva praised the soldiers who publicly refused to evict Jews, and IDF canceled its contract with the yeshiva.

Now IDF has issued an ultimatum to the soldiers of Har Bracha military yeshiva: within two months they must switch to a yeshiva with more amenable rabbis or have their studying privileges canceled.

Yeshiva students can dodge the draft, and most of them do, but once they join the army there is no way back. The army’s demarche will prompt many more yeshiva students to dodge the next draft.

The Demjanyuk trial brought to light a 1947 incident in the American-run DP camp for Jews, where the Americans employed Demjanyuk despite their full knowledge of his past in the Nazi forces. The Ukrainian murderer was driving a truck and deliberately ran over a Jew. Many Jews witnessed the incident, and the camp was boiling over the murder.

The American administration of the camp did not even try Demjanyuk.

Chief Rabbi Metzger of Israel , a notoriously corrupt individual, said he was “hurt” by the pope’s decision to beatify Pius XII.

On the background of Trinity and virgin birth, who cares about Pius’ sainthood?

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