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Trapped between common sense and media pressure to rescue a worthless corporal who comes from a well-connected leftist family, Israel’s security cabinet failed to reach a decision during three meetings today. We wonder how would they would behave in a real military situation, considering that the simple question of a 1-to-950 exchange caused them so much deliberation.

Hamas won’t give up on its demands, so Israel’s rulers will give in.

The release is likely to happpen. The government has been reduced to imploring the Hamas terrorists to accept being expelled from the West Bank upon their release.

Fatah started damage-control measures with another crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank. The release kills Abbas and the Palestinian moderates: the Israeli government has proven yet again that it only understands the language of force.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers risked their lives to arrest another nine terrorists in overnight raids. These, too, will be eventually released.

At the present exchange rate, the Palestinians need to kidnap only ten more Israelis to get all their jailed terrorists released.

A meeting of 57 chief rabbis of military yeshivas instructed religious soldiers to refrain from demonstrating their beliefs. In plain words, these sham rabbis condemned the brave soldiers who publicly refused orders to evict Jews from their homes.

On the positive side, many religious soldiers will now lose their illusions about rabbis on the government payroll, a crowd no less treacherous than the Council of Settlements.

As settlers do not allow freeze inspectors into our villages, the mighty IDF will use aircraft to enforce compliance. The army will also jam the cell phones of settler leaders.

Decades ago, that army used to fight Arabs.

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