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Lebanese prime minister Hariri arrived in Damascus, where he proclaimed a united Syro-Lebanese front against Israel.

Hariri is a dear friend of French President Sarkozy, who is a friend of Israel.

Jewish groups are up in arms over Pope Benedict XVI taking a step toward the beatification of Pope Pius XII. Benedict issued an edict entitled “On virtues” regarding his predecessor, evidently with an eye toward eventually pronouncing Pius a saint.

Jewish groups claim that Pius did not do enough to save Jews. But there was hardly anything he could have done, because the Nazis would have had no trouble replacing him.

But Pius did more for the Jews than any Allied or American Jewish leader. While America and Britain refused visas to Jewish refugees, the pope hid a considerable number of Jews. While American Jewish organizations refrained from violent protests against the government’s inaction, Pius launched extensive covert operations to save the Jews.

The Jewish organizations which honored their worthless leaders cannot judge the Vatican for honoring its pope.

Mashaal has publicly confirmed our prediction: if Israel attacks Iran, Hamas terrorists will join the ayatollahs to retaliate.

Hizbollah is expected to join the front formally next week.

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