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Ahmadinejad reiterated that Iran can still reach a nuclear deal with the West if the West stops threatening Iran.

Sure, Ahmadinejad drags out the negotiations to gain time, but in one respect he is right: almost no country has ever given way to threats, and Iran certainly cannot give in to sanctions. Such a retreat would end Iran’s political credibility and ruin its regional hegemony. The sanctions have no chance to succeed.

The Copenhagen climate talks ended with a worthless, non-binding agreement.

The only thing Obama managed to push through was a Western grant of $30 billion to developing countries, including China. His constituents, who are going through their worst economic crisis in seventy years, must be happy that to see him squander their tax dollars in this way.

Peres made Israel into one of the few countries to commit itself to specific reductions in emissions. Israel’s enemies twenty miles from Tel Aviv will continue to spoil the skies.

Copenhagen was an attempt by leftists to establish international control. The leftists’ policies are not about welfare (reductions in emissions bring economic hardship) or rational science (the rationale for climate change is fake), but meant to establish unprecedented control over the global economy.

As we had expected, the term “settlement freeze” has acquired a new meaning.

While Israel implemented the freeze only in order to restart peace talks with the Palestinians—or rather, to reveal the Arabs’ unwillingness to continue the fruitless talks—other countries took the moratorium for an Israeli agreement to dismantle all the settlements.

The EU, accordingly, condemned the development of settlements planned after the moratorium expires.

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