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The British Supreme Court cited a local law recognizing Jews as an ethnic group rather than a religion, to rule against a Jewish school which refused admittance to the child of a non-Orthodox “convert.”

One is left to wonder why religious discrimination is permissible while ethnic discrimination is not. The court had little latitude in deciding the case since, technically, Judaism is indeed an ethnicity because a descendant of Jews is a Jew. As with universal jurisdiction, British laws are biased against Jews.

Since Britain has decided on the Jewish state’s borders, it is only natural that it should also decide who is a Jew.

The American Army will hold a missile-defense drill to simulate an attack by Iran.

The planners must be insane to imagine Iran attacking America. In modern history, Iran has waged no wars of aggression.

The army awarded decorations to eight heroes of the Gaza war. All of them remained formally anonymous to avoid prosecution abroad for war crimes.

Four years after the US administration, to great fanfare, forced Israel to accept the democratic elections in Palestine which brought Hamas to power, democracy has been rescinded. The PLO council will allow Abbas to stay in power until elections are held in the West Bank or Gaza—that is, until the unlikely reconciliation with Hamas.

Abbas has remained in office illegally since his presidential term expired last winter. He was to have passed the authority to Hamas’ spokesman of the Palestinian council.

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