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The British government reacted with unusual fervor after one of its courts issued an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni. In Britain, individuals can bypass prosecution on war-crimes accusations.

British courts have issued arrest warrants against Israeli officials numerous times, but the UK government’s reaction has always been muted. This time, however, the warrant was not issued against a general or a right-winger, but Tony Blair’s leftist peace partner.

The British won’t change their law to close the loophole. At most, a state prosecutor would attend court hearings.

Britain was the only major European country to support the Swedish draft that proclaimed Jerusalem the Palestinian capital.

The Palestinian chief has announced his new negotiation strategy: international recognition of the 1948 borders and a halt to construction in Jerusalem. That means that not only East Jerusalem, but also the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and all government buildings in Jerusalem must fall to the Palestinians.

Abbas’s plan is taken verbatim from the Syrians. They too, demand Israeli agreement to abandon the Golan Heights as a precondition of negotiations.

Very soon, the UN and EU will indeed recognize Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, as indeed has been their position for the last 42 years.

Jews in the Eastern European country of Moldova erected a menorah at the capital’s main square. Local Christian vigilantes quickly tore it down, at which point the Jews started protesting and a local Judenrat leader even asked the church to condemn the vandals.

Now, the Moldovans are right. They are a Christian country, they dislike Jews, and they do not want to see a Jewish ritual candelabra in their main square. Just as we want to remove Al Aqsa, they are justified in removing a menorah.

Assimilated Jews want to become a part of Christian society and sport menorahs in public, which they have no right to do. A menorah in the Diaspora is an absurdity: it signifies the triumph of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, and has no place in a Christian country with only 20,000 Jews.

But if Moldovan Jews want a public menorah, they must be prepared to defend it like the Maccabees did, rather than appealing to the church.

December 2009
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