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Iran’s president and FM will meet a Hamas delegation in Tehran. Their honesty differs markedly from Israeli and American unwillingness to admit their ties to Sunni terrorist organizations that fight the regime of the ayatollahs.

Mashaal will involve Hamas in the same defense pact with Iran as Syria did.

Netanyahu has inverted his development plan, which for the first time in many years would have delivered significant government aid to strategic settlements. The plan was Netanyahu’s way of saying, “sorry for the settlement-construction freeze.”

Under pressure from leftists, the government changed the plan’s map, which now includes 40% Arabs—twice their proportion in Israel’s population.

The development plan, the purpose of which was to compensate settlers for the construction ban, wound up encouraging the Arabs to build more.

The army is searching for the Palestinian who stabbed a 22-year-old Jewish woman at a bus stop in Gush Etzion. The woman is hospitalized with multiple wounds.

The army went into an expensive alert mode to protect mosques from further imagined attacks by conservative Jews.

No similar alert takes place when Arabs attack synagogues—a common occurrence even in Smaller Israel.

Since Netanyahu has refused to attend the Copenhagen climate talks, Peres will represent Israel there. Shimon is on record saying that Israel must be at the forefront on fighting global warming.

We’re a small and fragile economy in a hot country, and we must not bear any of the costs of the latest craze while four billion people in developing nations, including our Arab enemies, continue to pollute to their hearts’ content.

Obadiah has argued for a biometric database as a powerful antiterrorist measure. Americans had good reason to issue biometric IDs to Iraqis: if their faces all look similar to you, biometrics is the only way to prevent infiltration.

Arabs routinely use one another’s Israeli ID cards to infiltrate Israel, and biometric IDs would stop that.

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