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The head of the Civilian Administration promised Palestinians from Yasuf village that he would find and punish the Jews who—oh, horror—vandalized a local mosque. Yasuf’s villagers constantly make trouble for nearby Jewish settlers, notably the militant crowd from Kfar Tapuach.

The army, of course, never investigates Palestinian attacks on Jewish property, and hardly cares at all about routine physical assaults.

The fringe leftist group New America Foundation released a poll showing that only 39% of Jewish Israelis dislike Obama. The figures are probably skewed in favor of the Hussein, but the real issue is different.

According to the same poll, 60% of respondents believe that Obama does not support Israel. Thus, 21% of Israeli Jews refuse to dislike a leader who openly dislikes them.

A crowd of two hundred Jewish leftists and normal Arabs attempted to break into Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The leftists clashed with police, who tried to prevent them from ransacking Jewish homes. Their behavior differed markedly from the sheepish obedience of right-wing Jewish protesters the other day.

We’ve yet to see a single Muslim who would clash with police on behalf of Jews.

The British government’s Department of the Environment issued an advisory statement to retailers to distinguish the produce grown by Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank. The idea is to allow pro-Palestinian consumers to boycott Jewish produce.

Even if the British government believes that the Jewish state occupies Judea illegally, it urges no similar differentiation for products coming from the world’s many other occupied territories.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s delegation left the Vatican without resolving their outstanding issues. Vatican demands from the Jewish state include tax-free status for its holdings in the Holy Land, state guarantees for its land holdings, and the purported site of the Last Supper, which stands above King David’s purported tomb.

If the Vatican needs something from Israel, we would expect the Vatican’s officials to stay here and continue to ask humbly. But the ostensibly right-wing Israeli deputy FM went to the Vatican instead.

State guarantees for the Vatican’s lands? Italy confiscated almost all of them, and Israel did likewise under normal governments. But now times are different.

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