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Two kids from Jerusalem’s religious Mea Shearim neighborhood have been indicted for stabbing an Arab a year ago in their area.

Unlike many Arabs who stab Jews, these kids have no chance of getting out of jail early.

What they did is undoubtedly ugly, but essentially similar to the anti-Arab terrorism of Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Only in a schizophrenic state does one pair of kids go to jail for the same actions that eventually propelled another pair to the prime ministry.

Leftist ministers and MKs slammed Netanyahu’s decision to allocate benefits and development funds mostly to the settlements rather than Negev and the Galilee, where they would have benefited mostly Arab communities.

The Council of Settlements, an organization funded by the government, hired 200 buses to transport activists to Jerusalem to protest the settlement construction freeze.

Through the council, the government helps settlers vent their feelings and safely exhaust themselves.

Turkish PM Erdogan harshly denied speculation that IAF might be allowed to use Turkish airspace even for reconnaissance flights over Iran, let alone an attack. While Erdogan’s rhetoric comes as no surprise, he would be hard pressed to convince Iran that Turkey’s relations with Israel have deteriorated were IAF to fly through Turkish airspace en route to an attack on Iran.

Iran is much stronger and more vocal than Syria, which let it pass when IAF flew through Turkish airspace to attack its reactor. Erdogan had no prior knowledge of the overflight, but Turkish air defenses could not have missed a massive number of Israeli jets flying toward Iran.

The Israeli government will be unwilling to risk its fragile relations with Turkey, especially since Saudi Arabia has agreed to provide its airspace for the attack. It is a great advantage for Israel that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy that cares nothing about its people’s opinion.

The Military Attorney General briefed US and UN officials on IDF’s Gaza investigations. Netanyahu claims that these briefings are not intended to placate the UN, but no other army has ever submitted to the UN’s jurisdiction.

IDF opened dozens of criminal investigations against its soldiers, which will bear heavily on their morale in the next war.

While Israel is weakening her army, Hamas is strengthening its forces with new training courses, hundreds of miles of new tunnels, and mid-range rockets. In the next war, Hamas will have no qualms about bombarding civilians in Tel Aviv, but Israeli soldiers will fight under threat of prosecution for the pettiest offenses.

An appellate court reduced the sentence of an Arab driver who, in broad daylight, smashed his car into the Suleimani family. The Arab had 195 recorded traffic violations, but the court agreed that he was sitting too high in his truck to see a sedan.

Israel’s Arab minority is responsible for the majority of traffic incidents, which take more Jewish lives than intifada.

The family of Ehud Barak employed an illegal Filippino immigrant for housekeeping. Since the lady has a son in Israel, Barak’s family could not have failed to realize that she was here illegally.

Guess his opinion in the government’s debate on deporting illegals along with their children.

Egypt has started building a 100-foot deep underground wall along its border with Gaza, in order to stop tunneling. Such massive investment shows that Israel and Egypt are not counting on a Hamas-Fatah reconciliation leading to the opening of Rafah Crossing.

Gazans can already dig tunnels 120 feet deep, and could easily increase the depth.

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