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Parts from Soviet-made S-5 rockets were found near Gaza. This rocket has a very short range of just over two miles, cannot be targeted, and is therefore unsuitable for Gazan terrorists.

The facts that they have used such rockets shows that they have no problem with smuggling. Terrorists find it easier to transport virtually useless rockets into Gaza than to manufacture their own Kassam rockets.

We would like to thank Hamas for closing Gaza’s border to Palestinian patients who want to cross into Israel for treatment. Every normal country closes its borders to foreigners with clear signs of epidemic disease, but Israel welcomes her enemies.

Livni and others lambasted Justice Minister Neeman for expressing the hope that some day the Israeli legal system will come closer to the Torah. According to Livni, such an intent must be troubling for every citizen of Israel.

A conference of EU foreign ministers has accepted a resolution whose draft vowed that the member states won’t recognize any changes to the 1948 armistice lines. That means some 460,000 Jews must be evicted from Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. If implemented, it would be the largest upheaval among Jews since the Nazi repressions.

The final text of the resolution speaks a slightly softer language: Jerusalem is not called the Palestinian capital, but “a part” of the city must be included in a Palestinian state.

The ministers have no understanding of the subject. The ad hoc 1948 border is inconvenient both to Jews and Palestinians. Strictly implemented, it would leave Jews without even the Western Wall, and without all the government’s buildings.

For all our famed influence, Jews are losing the international PR battle because of the simple fact that Muslim aspirations in our land are congruent with Christian antisemitism.

The court upheld a decision by the parole board to refuse parole to Angelica Yusupova.

Yusupova, an immigrant from Russian Muslim territory, placed bombs at a disco and restaurant in Tel Aviv. By chance, the bombs did not explode, so she was sentenced to only twelve years, rather than to some eighty consecutive life terms.

Normally, justice does not differentiate between accomplished crimes and crimes that merely fail. Israeli courts allow would-be terrorists to escape with relatively short sentences to create a pool of prisoners for future exchanges.

Yusupova’s petition for parole was rejected for an odd reason: because she did not show remorse and may still be dangerous. Remorse? Scores of terrorists have shown remorse, been released, and returned to their terrorist trade. Dangerous? That can be solved by deporting Yusupova. The real reason terrorists must suffer is vengeance.

At least 121 people were killed by car bombs today. Iraqi terrorists are evidently fed up with Obama’s promises to withdraw, and long have ended their moratorium on terror.

Lacking the good sense to withdraw a year ago, the US Army will withdraw as Iraq falls apart. Obama took no lessons from Iraq, and is replicating the surge in Afghanistan—though a larger surge, in the end, did not help in Iraq.

Meanwhile, other Islamic terrorists killed fifty-four people in Lahore, Pakistan, in a series of market bombings.

In Iran, police arrested hundreds of rioting students.

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