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A White House spokesman announced that the administration is waiting until the year’s end for Iran to respond to its proposals.

Iran has already responded by promising to build ten more enrichment sites and minimize its cooperation with the IAEA.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization set up atmosphere monitoring station in Turkmenistan, near the Iranian border, to get a front-row seat for Iran’s nuclear test.

ADL, the Conference of European Rabbis, the American Jewish Committee, and other Jewish organizations voiced their opposition to the Swiss ban on construction of new minarets.

It is absurd to imagine that the minaret ban could somehow lead to opposition to Jews quietly practicing their religion in inconspicuous synagogues.

ADL, the Conference of European Rabbis, American Jewish Committee, other Jewish organizations expressed vocal opposition to Swiss ban on construction of new minarets. It is absurd to imagine that te minaret ban could somehow spread into opposition to Jews quietly practicing their religion in inconspicious synagogues

The addition of 30,000 troops to US forces in Afghanistan is insufficient to saturate the country and pacify it. Bush’s surge in Iraq worked temporarily because the Americans concurrently built tribal alliances, and those tribes expelled Al Qaeda and some Shiite terrorists. No similar option exists for Afghanistan, where clans are weaker than in Iraq, and guerrillas are immensely stronger. Moreover, in Afghanistan guerrillas are more dispersed than in Iraq; 30,000 troops are a meaningful force in urban combat but not in mountain warfare. Enjoying their safe haven in Pakistan’s Pashtun areas, Afghani guerrillas can wait out the Americans while wearing them down with terrorist attacks.

The US Afghani campaign is doomed, just like any war in which the occupier lacks the will to fight properly, regardless of collateral damage.

The US, the EU, and the UN have failed to issue a resolution supporting Netanyahu’s construction freeze. Among other things, Russia refused to sign a document recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

The Russians are sensitive to their 800,000 non-Jewish compatriots who reside in Israel.

Netanyahu’s and Barak’s experiences serving in commando units affects their political mentality. Commandos are necessarily tacticians with short time horizons: the mission must be completed at all costs. Politicians,on the other hand, must be extremely flexible and accommodating.

Thus, when the duo decided to freeze construction, they did so unreservedly and threatened force. Their cavalier tactics provoked riots in the settlements, and a major anti-freeze rally is scheduled in Jerusalem.

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