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The Lebanese government has affirmed Hezbollah’s right to bear weapons, a direct violation of UN resolution 1701, which demanded that Hezbollah disarm.

Israel is the only sucker in the region to care what the UN says.

Speaking in France, Livni joined the chorus of Israeli officials who have condemned the Swedish resolution draft that would recognize East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

Curiously, Livni proclaimed repeatedly that as a prime minister she would have long since signed a peace treaty with the Palestiniansówhich would necessarily include the same arrangements the Swedes have been arguing for.

The fact that the French president meets the Israeli opposition leader is scandalous, and reveals the extent of the EU’s open contempt for Netanyahu.

Just yesterday we expressed doubt about settler officials‘ refusal to meet Barak.

And indeed, today they met with Netanyahu. The PM told them that they can protest however much they want, but must assist the government in carrying out the construction freeze.

Gush Katif, deja vu.

France has dissociated itself from the Swedish draft on Palestine, as other countries will also do. The draft says nothing new, and indeed the peace treaty will speak the same language: Israel will abandon East Jerusalem and return to the 1948 borders. The UN, where Muslims enjoy an automatic majority, will likely adopt a similar resolution.

In the meantime, Israel’s European “friends” will ask us for further concessions in return for their opposition to the irrelevant draft.

Jailed terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti has refused to be deported from the West Bank as a condition of his release.

It must ring a bell with Israelis that an arch-terrorist prefers five consecutive life terms in jail to living in Jordan. No surprise, given the resort-like conditions terrorists enjoy in Israeli prisons.

The Jewish National Fund is responsible for massive forestation of the land of Israel through private Jewish donations. Palestinians have long had a habit of burning JNF’s forests.

To make it easier for the Palestinians, JNF donated 3,000 trees to Rawabi, a new Palestinian town. The donation is symbolic: JNF planted hundreds of millions of trees in Israel (ok, that’s what they tell us, don’t ask how much has been stolen), but enraged quite a few of its Jewish donors.

Authoritative Rabbi Dov Lior has permitted construction in the settlements on Sabbath as long as it is carried out by Arabs.

The halachic ruling violates the rabbinical ban on paying non-Jews for Shabbat work. Rabbis circumvent the Torah’s command that† “no one shall work in your house” on Shabbat by noting that it lists children, slaves, and animalsóbut not free non-Jews.

Rabbi Lior’s halacha will remain operative for the duration of the construction freeze. Settling the land takes precedence over rabbinical bans.

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