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Iran responded to the UNSC’s criticism by announcing its plan to build ten more nuclear enrichment sites. That’s an old boast: in similar demarches, Iran issued tenders for scores of nuclear power plants. Iran doesn’t need that many sites, cannot defend them, and would find it hard to stock them with uranium.

For their part, the Russians again promised Iran to launch the Bushehr reactor soon. Well, if Russians have promised that the reactor will go hot by late 2009, 2019 would be an optimistic estimate.

The Ohana brothers, a pair of notorious mobsters, have been sentenced to life in jail for killing another gangster. It is not clear why the government should be bothered when gangsters kill one another.

The Arabs who killed many law-abiding Jews will soon walk free in exchange for Shalit.

Will we live to see gangsters taking hostages for exchange, too?

Due to “security concerns,” the government has refused to disclose to the court the final list of Palestinian terrorist prisoners who will be released in exchange for Shalit.

The petitioners argued correctly that the list had already been provided to Hamas, Fatah, Egypt, and the Nazis Germany, and thus cannot pose a security threat. The government, of course, fears Jewish reaction to the list. The government’s relations with our enemies are cozy: Hamas leaders openly travel from Gaza to Egypt, where they live in five-star hotels.

Netanyahu’s government agreed to release more terrorists than Olmert’s—about 450 of them, plus 500-something of trash jailed for minor security offenses.

Efim Weinstein, a father of three, was found dead in his taxi near Kfar a-Horesh in the Galilee.

The Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, has announced her engagement to a Jewish investment banker. Now Hillary Clinton will be proving that she is not partial to Jews.

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