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The Knesset has postponed—and effectively withdrawn—a bill supported by animal rights groups which would ban fur imports from Asia. Female fur lovers were saved by ultra-Orthodox legislators whose constituency needs fur for traditional hats.

The list of Palestinian prisoners to be released in exchange for Shalit includes many captured terrorist leaders. But more importantly, it also includes a number of Arabs from East Jerusalem.

By releasing these prisoners, Israel is agreeing to treat her Arab population as enemy combatants, entitled to be released in prisoner exchanges.

So far, the exchange is stalled over big-ticket names. It is perfectly okay to murder common Israelis—the government has long agreed to release the perpetrators of such crimes—but emotions flare over Abed Sayeed, who organized the Park Hotel massacre that left rich and famous Israelis dead.

Tens of thousands of good Jews risked their lives to arrest the 1,100 Palestinian terrorists who are soon to be released for a worthless corporal from a well-connected leftist family.

The Peres Center for Peace finances export-oriented farming in West Bank Arab villages. Besides increasing the price of labor for Jewish farmers, the Arabs farmers directly compete with them in export markets.

Ultra-cheap labor, free water and electricity stolen from Israel, a tax-free environment, and the politically correct European propensity to procure West Bank produce from Arabs rather than Jews ensures the Arabs’ competitiveness.

The Iranian FM has announced the government’s willingness to export low-enriched uranium in exchange for fuel rods, as long as France delivers the rods first.

Though contradictory statements from Iranian officials are common, this solution seem genuine because it addresses Iran’s fear of losing its nuclear stocks.

Iran, however, has not agreed to stop its uranium enrichment plant upon exporting the nuclear stocks, which is the point of the exchange deal. The stocks-for-rods exchange will make it politically difficult for Israel to attack Iran.

The iconic Palestinian moderate condemned Israel for refusing to release two arch-terrorists: Tanzim leader Marwan Bargouti and PLFP leader Ahmed Saadat. Both terrorist groups continue to attack Jewish civilians.

Fayad remains undeterred by the fact that Israel pays his salary and funds his government through tax transfers. After Israel refused to release Barghouti, the allegedly moderate terrorist took off his mask and called on Palestinians to kidnap more Israeli soldiers.

Fayad also criticized Israel for stalling the peace process by refusing to abandon Jerusalem to the Palestinians. In the same way, the Nazis accused Czechoslovakia and Poland of torpedoing German peace efforts by refusing to cede Sudetenland and Danzig.

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