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Mahmoud Zahar crossed from Gaza to Egypt for the Shalit talks as IDF helicopters hovered over him in a cheap attempt at intimidation.

As usual, IDF let the enemy leaders go unscathed.

IDF would undoubtedly consider the killing of an enemy leader with the loss of only a single Israel soldier a successful operation. Why then, did it refrain from firing at Zahar, even at the cost of losing Shalit?

The upcoming exchange is so unseemly that Netanyahu wants no responsibility for it, promising instead to submit it to the Knesset for debate.

Columbia University received $100,000 from the Iranian-controlled Alawi Foundation immediately after giving a platform to Ahmadinejad, according to the New York Times. Alawi also made grants to other universities which agreed to employ pro-Iranian professors.

Quite a lesson to AIPAC.

The chairman of the Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights demanded the immediate release of juvenile criminals detained for entering Israel illegally.

While Egypt tries to seal its Israeli border to illegals by any means necessary, even if it means shooting them, Israelis engage in moralizing. They teach young criminals Hebrew to prepare them to stay in Israel.

Egyptians authorities intercepted a ton of explosives en route to Gaza. Despite the announced ceasefire, Palestinian guerrillas are clearly stocking up their arsenals.

The Camp David peace accords between Israel and Egypt contained a well-intentioned paragraph stating that both sides would cooperate in restoring the confiscated property of their former citizens. Begin was probably happy because the Egyptian Jews left a lot of property behind.

Egypt, of course, did not give back a penny. But Egyptian banks have filed a case in Jerusalem claiming ownership of the King David Hotel. Unless a political decision is reached on the issue, the banks have a strong chance of winning—and more Arab claims will follow.

In political terms, the Egyptian government can press the banks to withdraw their claims, or the Knesset can pass a law to entertain claims only on a reciprocal basis.

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