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Sarah Palin pleased Jews by voicing support for expansion of Israeli settlements, though apparently she had no idea the settlements are beyond Israel’s international border.

Obama, too, urged Israel to defend Sderot by any means—when he was here during his election campaign.

Truth be told, Israeli leaders also become dovish and anti-Semitic upon entering office.

Gone are the days when our brave army preempted against our Arab enemies. Kfir Brigade fell on its own soldiers after its commander discovered yet another “Kfir doesn’t expel Jews” banner drying in the sun, ready for deployment.

Jail sentences and demotions did not stop the brave soldiers from standing by their values. In vain, IDF has tried to equate their actions with wartime insubordination. Soldiers are not automatons, and are duty bound to resist evidently immoral, criminal orders. Just as they must not obey their commanders in Kfar Qassem, so they must not in Homesh.

Netanyahu has so far rejected Peres’s call for another interim agreement with the Palestinians, and according to the Jerusalem Post, is leaning toward a final-status agreement.

In theory Netanyahu is right, as the Palestinians have a nasty habit of renouncing interim agreements, and large conflicts are generally settled in a single swoop. In practice, the Palestinians cannot renounce their imagined right to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, while Netanyahu’s cabinet won’t approve such deal; thus a demand for a final-status agreement equals rejection of peace on Palestinian terms.

Thus Obama described the Iranian leaders who refused to export their nuclear stockpiles. The accusation is odd coming from Obama, who more than any other leader is stuck in his rhetoric.

The Iranians are only rational: why should they give up their right to a nuclear bomb? Sanctions are silly: Iran would smuggle refined gasoline from UAE and Iraq, and receive LPG technology from private Russian companies.

The International crackdown on Iran’s nuclear program is pointless because the real trouble comes from North Korea, which continues to sell nuclear technology and stocks to cash bidders.

The committee tasked with finding candidates for the next Attorney General dissolved itself after failing to come up with any recommendations. The left- and right-wingers in the committee stood by their respective candidates.

No compromise is possible because the stakes are extremely high: the Attorney General wields massive political power, and depending on his left or right orientation can turn Israel’s government either way.

Hamas reportedly changed its controversial list of security prisoners to be released in exchange for Shalit, though the list still contains many murderers. Israel’s insistence on dividing the terrorists into “bloody” and regular is absurd: a terrorist intercepted hours before blowing herself up in the street is no different from one who actually carries out an attack.

Jewish hysteria over releasing a corporal from a well-connected leftist family is disgusting. Hamas, Fatah, and other honest fighters stand tall while thousands of their members languish in Israeli jails for decades.

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