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In preliminary reading, the Knesset approved a draft which would recognize Sephardi Jewish emigrants from Muslim countries as refugees. Theoretically, this bill might allow Israel to treat the Palestinian exodus in 1947-48 as an exchange of population.

Nonsense. The Palestinians fled Israel before the Jews left the Muslim countries, so Israel will be guilty of provoking the “exchange.” The Jews fled third countries rather than Palestine, so there is no exchange.

The Torah’s solution is straightforward: the Arabs must be expelled, no exchange is necessary.

The bill is a sweet pill to Israel’s Sephardic voters, giving them a faint hope of restitution for their abandoned property.

A young Jew stabbed a random Arab in Jerusalem.

After months of deliberation, the Supreme Court banned the only private jail in Israel. Never mind that its owners had invested hundreds of millions in the facility, acting in strict accordance with the law—which the court struck down.

According to the court’s warped logic, private jails may abuse their inmates. In fact, private jails worldwide offer far better conditions than government prisons.

In truth, the court consists of liberal fascists who loathe the thought of government relinquishing its penitentiary powers.

The State Attorney’s Office announced that it won’t indict Uri Messer, Olmert’s key associate in the corruption cases. Messer is not technically a government employee, though he is still vulnerable to bribery charges.

The prosecution means to use Messer as a witness against Olmert, and the absence of an indictment will make his testimony more credible.

One Danny Khoury has been sentenced for… murdering an embryo. No, pro-lifers have not suddenly taken over the country.

In 2004, Khoury caused a traffic accident, and the female victim lost her embryo.

The Torah does not recognize an embryo as a human being, and punishes miscarriage with only a fine.

Something must be wrong with Shimon Peres’s choice of peace partners. First he befriended Arafat, who eventually refused his peace overtures. Peres then made sure that Abbas won the Palestinian elections—and again there was no peace. Peres lobbied for the release of arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti, who would succeed Abbas as Palestinian president.

From his prison cell, Barghouti called on Palestinians to resume terror against Jewish villagers.

The Gilo construction project has won the condemnation of… China. A country whose billion-something population would have trouble pronouncing Jerusalem lambasted a building project smaller than one of its typical hotels.

China, a paragon of human rights, wants to maintain its warm relations with Arabs to secure the oil supply.

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