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IAI, Israel’s major defense company, has opened a production line in Columbus, Ohio to supply UAVs to the US Department of Defense. Such technological transfer is not a normal practice: normal countries guard their know-how jealously, and only export complete products.

Worse, the Chairman of IAI’s Board of Directors announced during the opening ceremony that his company plans to transfer all its production to the United States, except the minimum required for Israeli defense needs.

Obama mapJewish residents of Jerusalem’s backwater Gilo district feel proud: despite being burdened with world affairs, the US president found time to lambaste them. According to Hussein Obama, their settlement, as he called it, won’t make Jews safer.

Nothing would, but we want this land, our land.

The EU joined the chorus of condemnation: the Gilo expansion, it said, “prejudged the outcome of bilateral negotiations.” Oh yes, but tens of thousands of Palestinian houses built illegally in this area don’t prejudge that outcome.

Police dispersed a group of female “rabbis” from the Reform Hebrew Union College, and arrested an activist. The group of college-educated “rabbis” caused a commotion by wearing prayer shawls and reading from the Torah scroll.

Though Orthodox Jews consider such behavior offensive, it is known that daughters of great Rashi wore tfillin and talit prayer shawls. The Reform “rabbis” acted with deliberate provocation; according to a long-standing arrangement, women can read the Torah at an arch near the Western Wall.

The smartest scum in Israeli politics explained the massive Gilo expansion. According to Beilin, the construction permits serve to soothe the right-wingers in the days before Netanyahu announces a ten-month partial moratorium on construction in the settlements. Beilin correctly predicts that both Arabs and Americans will reject a partial solution, and suggests instead a complete three-month freeze, during which intense negotiations must take place.

Either way there will be no peace, but Beilin’s plan is shorter and makes better PR for Israel.

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