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Nevatim Air Force BaseIAF personnel at Nevatim Air Force Base in the Negev were instructed to refrain from driving on Route 31 at night because of incessant Bedouin attacks.

And the Bedouins are our best Arabs.

In the clearest sign yet of their position regarding East Jerusalem and the settlement blocs, EU officials rebuffed Abbas’ entreaties to recognize Palestinian statehood.

The EU statesmen expect that Israel would go to war with Palestine if they were to recognize the 1948 borders and Palestinians tried to claim that land. The EU, naturally, does not want a flare-up.

Israel must now understand that the Quartet’s insistence on ceding Jerusalem to the Palestinians is not set in stone, and that the world would accept Israel holding on to its capital. It would be a surprise for the world if the Jews abandoned their capital to the natives.

uranium rodsAfter having found traces of enriched uranium at three Syrian sites, the IAEA believes now that Syria has nuclear stockpiles.

This is indeed a big discovery. Media have long reported that Iran is demanding the return its nuclear stockpiles from Syria.

The real question is, how did spy agencies miss the tons of uranium rods produced for Syria by North Korea and Iran?

Guantanamo to New York detaineesNow that the 9/11 conspirators are being put on trial in New York rather than before military tribunal in Guantanamo, the question of jurisdiction arises.

After WWII, German soldiers were not tried in the US, and in fact the US Supreme Court rejected their appeal. Now Muslim soldiers—or, perhaps generals—will be tried as gangsters, which they are emphatically not.

Israel similarly sentences enemy guerrillas and terrorists to jail, though legally speaking, they must be interned—or better yet, shot on sight.

photo from Jerusalem PostPredictably, the soldiers who expressed their refusal to evict Jews from outposts were demoted from the combat unit and sentenced to jail.

Their actions did not come up during any military activity, thus were strictly a political expression rather than an act of military disobedience. Still more curious is their eviction from the combat unit: does the refusal to evict Jews somehow make soldiers not reliable during combat with Arabs?

Gilo, Jerusalem mapSince his inauguration, Netanyahu has not approved a single significant construction project in the settlements. In a very welcome change, a 900-unit housing project has been approved in Gilo, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The Obama administration is already beating its collective chest, but Netanyahu rejected their demands to rescind the building permit issued by Jerusalem municipality.

Gilo is a classic settlement project for purely political purposes. With the planned expansion of 4,000 housing units, Jews will insert a wedge into the Palestinian construction in the area, preventing a continuous Arab buildup all the way to the Temple Mount.

Recently, IAEA reported that the Qom nuclear plant is merely “a hole in the mountain.”

Iran’s IAEA rep, however, claimed today that Qom is a very important backup plant for the Iranian nuclear program. He used the example of Qom to say that the program is unstoppable, implying that there are other similar backup plants.

Palestinian workers in IsraelAbbas interrupted his meeting with the European officials whom he lobbies for Palestinian independence in order to ask Netanyahu for a favor. Our professed enemy, who repeatedly warns us of the coming intifada, pleaded with the Israeli PM to transfer some money for the PA’s budget in advance because, you see, the Palestinians have a holiday.

Israel collects taxes for the terrorist Palestinian entity. Technically, the taxes are levied on Palestinian laborers in Israel, but in the end they increase prices for Israeli consumers.

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