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North Korea Navy personnelAs Obama was preparing to visit South Korea, the North claimed its chunk of attention by staging serious naval confrontations with the South.

North Korea follows Assad’s maxim that there can be no regional peace with Syria: unable to wage a war, it engages in multitude of hostile activities. Thus, without a war, on the cheap, Syria secured the Israeli government’s de facto agreement to give back the Golan Heights. Impoverished and unable to wage a modern war with the South, North Korea stages hostile acts to keep the world powers at the negotiation table and secure foreign aid.

An Arab tried to stab an Israeli policeman near the Temple Mount. Since he did not succeed in murdering the cop, the Arab will soon be released in a prisoner exchange.

Such attacks on policemen are routine for a single reason: the Jews did not heed the Torah’s commandment to expel the Arabs.

S-300Iran’s chief of staff called on Russia to fulfill its obligations under the S-300 supply contract. That would be unimportant, if he had not also spoken about a six-month delay.

As far as anyone knows, the only contract signed for S-300 is about two years old.

The US government moved to confiscate some $500 of the assets of the Alavi Foundation, which is controlled by Iran. The judicial attack is extremely offensive to Iran, and precludes further nuclear negotiations.

Sarkozy AssadTwo days after Netanyahu’s visit to Sarkozy, the French president met with Assad. It is unlikely that the shrewd French politician would make himself a middleman for the hopeless Israeli-Syrian peace talks, in which each party knows the price and both parties refuse to pay it.

Looking at Netanyahu’s very long meeting with Obama and a recent string of hostile American actions toward Iran, Israel appears to be preparing for an attack on Iran. Sarkozy therefore was no doubt there to convey to Assad a warning from Netanyahu to keep out of the Israeli-Iranian conflict.

Assad’s one thousand mid-range Scud missiles, some of which are equipped with chemical and biological warheads, cannot inflict critical damage on Israel, and Assad will not use his rocket arsenal to provoke Israeli retaliation.

The Israeli Home Front Command has scheduled distribution of gas masks for January, but that might be a deception to lead Iran to believe that Israel won’t act before then.

The government has agreed to approve 40% hike in water prices, but compromised a bit on its timing: the increase will now take place gradually over half a year.

This way, Jewish consumers will foot the bill for the kibbutzim and the Arabs. While kibbutzim receive highly subsidized water, Arabs steal it for free.

The price increase won’t significantly decrease water consumption because both Israeli consumers and kibbutzim use water with extreme efficiency.

Intel factory has added a row of barbed wire in response to planned haredi protests. Religious Jews object to Intel’s factory in Israel working on Shabbat. Intel’s schedule might set a precedent for other employers, ending the implicit secular ban on Shabbat labor.

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