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The US Embassy in Tel Aviv—they refused to move into “occupied” Jerusalem— issued numerous strong warnings to the Israeli Knesset, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The embassy is concerned that the Knesset might hold a ceremony commemorating slain Rabbi Meir Kahane, a former Knesset member. Such ceremonies are customary for all assassinated MKs, but were never held for the Rabbi.

Such is the power of our leader that the enemies of Israel consider him dangerous 19 years after his death.

Any normal country would protest such a blatant intrusion into its affairs, but Knesset Speaker Rivlin has corresponded with the US embassy over this matter.

If we’re to believe one Khoury, a former PA minister of economy, foreign aid to the terrorist regime dropped by 55% this year compared to 2008, which would be a welcome development. It is unlikely that there has been such a dramatic change: most probably, Khoury is ignoring the aid transferred to the Hamas regime in Gaza.

Khoury also claimed that Israel is somehow stifling the Palestinian economy, which is quite an accusation from an ethnic group which sports the highest economic growth rate among non-oil-producing Arabs, a feat it has accomplished by leeching off Jews for a century.

The spectacle took place in Jerusalem, which some still consider an Israeli city.

The US Embassy asked the Israeli government to explain why the IDF deported one Berlanty Azzam to Gaza while she was studying in the West Bank, reports Haaretz.

The answer is really simple: if a Gazan wants to study in the West Bank, she must register her residence there.

It’s time for the Israeli Embassy in Washington to barrage the White House with humanitarian inquires over poor Mexicans who were refused US visas—or worse, were deported.

Incredibly, the Bank of Israel trumpets the first trade surplus in 14 years as a proof of its policy’s wisdom.

In fact, it is normal for developed economies to run trade deficits because they attract foreign investment. Israel’s October surplus, a meager $45 million, was made possible by the collapse of her imports, which contracted by 25% compared to last year.

The Bank’s policy of keeping the dollar-to-shekel rate artificially high means that consumers overpay 20-30% for the imported goods.

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