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Israeli US lobbyAccording to the Army Radio, high-ranking US diplomats connected media blackout of the Obama-Netanyahu meeting with Israel’s intense lobbying efforts. Obama and his acolytes are not happy with Israel marshaling support for her position in media and in Congress.

Other countries may continue to lobby the US administration, no problem.

Palestinian labor in IsraelNormal countries respond to crises with mercantilist measures, and increase customs tariffs. Israel, however, prides herself on opening the Jalama Crossing in Galilee to aid the Palestinian economy, which in fact is bustling with activity. Now tens of thousands more Palestinians will be leeching on Israel, dumping their tax-free produce on our markets, employing their tax-free labor to compete with Jewish companies, and stealing Israeli cars.

Bedouin homeThe High Court did not allow the government to demolish nine Bedouin homes built illegally on the route where the National Roads Company conducts its work.

The court is always happy to demolish Jewish outposts, but takes a lenient view of hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab structures.

Palestinian advocates commonly retort that the government has made it hard for Arabs to obtain building permits. It is just as hard as for Jews.

Palestinian strongman Dahlan, Abbas’s possible successor, voiced support for Fayad’s plan to pronounce independence unilaterally. In that scenario, the Palestinians will ask the UNSC to approve their borders.

As the things stand now, the UNSC won’t make the decision, but even if it does, its decisions are not binding. Russia, for example, continues to occupy the Japanese Kuril Islands.

Unilateral Palestinian statehood would be great for Israel, as it would transforms the occupation into a border dispute.

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