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Mofaz, AbbasJust like many other Israeli politicians before him, Shaul Mofaz declares that we will talk to any terrorist group—after it renounces terror. How similar is that silly condition to Abbas’ demand that Israel stop building in the settlements before he resumes the worthless peace talks.

Israel only negotiates with the Palestinians because they terrorize our population, and the Palestinians only negotiate with us because we keep building in what is potentially their land. Neither party will cease and desist.

Obama, NetanyahuObama did not hold a standard photo-op with the Israeli prime minister after their meeting.

A very long meeting (one hour and forty minutes) followed Obama’s initial refusal to meet Netanyahu.

From the meeting’s secrecy, and the fact that the White House staff did not know until the last minute whether the photo-op would be conducted, we can conclude that the Netanyahu-Obama meeting was largely related to Iran, and that it was very tense.

Bad relations with Obama must be especially insulting to Netanyahu, who highly praised Obama when he was a lowly senator, and predicted his presidency.

A small number of activists of the Disabled IDF Veterans Association blocked an intersection and burned tires in Tel Aviv to demand increased benefits. Burning tires is a serious offense, but the police were understandably lenient.

Israel’s good health-care has played a statistical trick: Israel wars have left a relatively small number of dead. That is because the killed-to-wounded ratio in IDF is 1:16, much better than in Arab armies. But the high rate of survival translates into a huge number of disabled veterans, currently about 50,000. On average, an Israeli family pays $400 a year in taxes to support disabled veterans.

A poll by Kiryat Ono Academic College showed that 83% of employers—substantially all Jewish-controlled businesses—are averse to hiring Israeli Arabs even with university diplomas. More than half of all employers do not hire Ethiopians, either.

Far from being racist, the employers simply know that Arabs and Ethiopians receive fictional diplomas. They often pass special exams and enjoy de facto affirmative action in Israeli universities.

free speechThe US Embassy refused a visa to MK Ben Ari, allegedly because of a four-year-old criminal investigation against him for opposing police during the Gush Katif evictions.

Even Peres has admitted that the eviction was wrong; thus, Ben Ari should have been right to oppose the police.

Scores of freedom fighters from around the world have had no trouble obtaining US visas despite criminal cases against them.

In truth, Ben Ari couldn’t get a visa for the same reason his mentor Rabbi Kahane was banned from the United States, Canada, and Britain, the same reason that Moshe Feiglin recently encountered a similar ban: the freedom of speech is reserved for the politically correct.

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