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US Homeland SecurityThe US Homeland Security Department has been busy since a Palestinian shot 43 people at Ford Hood. Perhaps the department will rush to profile other Muslims in the American army, or investigate radical imams throughout the United States? Far from that.

Homeland Security is working around the clock to prevent some imagined vigilantes from taking revenge on Muslims.

Work for foodAccording to the chief Palestinian thug, Israelis “must start thinking about what needs to be done if they really want peace.”  The arrogance is unbelievable. Palestinian terrorists fought us for 90 years, we defeated them—and now we must do something for peace? Rather, they should be happy to grab whatever peace we offer them.

Likewise, Nazi Germany accused Poland, and Russia accused Finland of refusing the peace offered to them. Just like Israel, Poland and Finland were “only” required to abandon their lands.

Three thousand years ago, the Amorites issued a similar peace ultimatum to the Hebrews. Happily, at that time we had Judge Yiphtah.

Organization of the Islamic ConferenceMuslim leaders attended a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Istanbul. Turkish PM Erdogan hosted a friendly reception for Ahmadinejad, Syrian dictator Assad, Sudan’s president—who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges—and similarly respectable Muslims.

Sha$The ultra-leftists who fight the deportation of illegal workers and their children have revealed data showing that two Shas ministers, Benizri and Yishai, arranged for the largest number of visas for foreign workers.

Yishai is the most vocal proponent of the deportation.

Strictly speaking, issuing visas to temporary workers is different from condoning their illegal stay in Israel.

Netanyahu travels Arkia planeNetanyahu used a commercial plane to travel to the United States. The government chartered a plane from Arkia, a low-cost airline.

Any decent head of state flies a government aircraft.

Goldstone and HamasIn the drive to rebut the Goldstone report, Israeli Military Police interrogated dozens of IDF’s alleged Palestinian victims. The questioning was conducted at the Erez Crossing, which is only possible with Hamas’s cooperation.

The investigation includes allegations of… property damage. If IDF decides to punish its soldiers for breaking Palestinian TVs and fridges, that would certainly position us as the most moral army in the world. Or the most stupid.

Obama and IranThe US administration has offered Iran additional time to consider the Vienna draft, and even accepted that Iran would export its uranium to Turkey.

Turkey, of course, would return the uranium to Iran at any time.

Jordan king AbdullahA petty Jordanian king caused a furor in international media by arguing for the hundredth time that Israel’s failure to accept Palestinian demands (he calls it “peace”) will drive the region to a major conflict.

What is bad for Abdullah is not necessarily bad for the Jews. Abdullah understands that the PLO’s failure to exact a state from Israel would drive the Palestinians to claim Jordan as their state. Palestinians constitute ¾ of the Jordanian population.

Israel, on the other hand, would be happy for the Palestinians to make their state in Jordan, as that would reduce the peace process to a border dispute.

Eid Al Adha sacrificeOur countries might be at war, but that does not preclude Jews from trading with the enemy. Hamas contracted the Israeli government to supply Gaza with 7,000 animals for the upcoming Eid al Adha, a Muslim holiday of sacrifice.

On other hand, Israel has no reason to reject the profit and pass the deal to the Egyptians, who would be happy to supply Gaza.

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