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shekel vs dollar graphNot long ago, Bank of Israel promised to stop its intervention in the currency market. The bank’s intervention left Israel with continuously devaluing $50 billion reserves.

In October, the BoI purchased another $1.5 billion. If the intervention propped the dollar by 20%, this month Bank of Israel cost taxpayers 1.1 billion shekels, an amount equal to the country’s defense expenditures.

Shimon Peres & Mahmoud AbbasThe Israeli president pleaded with Abbas to stay in office.

Peres is Abbas’ longtime friend. He nurtured Abbas from a Tunisian nobody into the world’s most prominent peacemaker. Before the Oslo Accords, Peres established illegal contacts with Abbas. His puddle Yossi Beilin negotiated with Abbas in Cairo, promising Palestinian votes for Rabin in return for abandoning East Jerusalem to the PLO. After Arafat’s death, Peres brought Abbas to power.

But Peres already supports jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti as a replacement for Abbas.

Shaul MofazShaul Mofaz, a very ignorant former IDF chief of staff and a current MK, made what he thinks is an acceptable offer to the Palestinians: an interim state in 60% of the West Bank and final status negotiations after that.

Mofaz’ political ineptitude rivals his military inadequacy. Over the last decade the Palestinians have rejected that same plan on numerous occasions. And they are right: why do they need to take a 60% state from Israel when they already have a state about that size? Palestine issues passports recognized by the entire world, has visa-free travel arrangements with more countries than Israel, hosts foreign ambassadors and dispatches is own, and maintains substantial armed forces. The Israeli offer does not include anything more than that.

Israeli children write a message to Lebanon on shellsIsraeli media picked up on reports by several foreign newspapers that Hezbollah is preparing for war with Israel. Allegedly, Israel is planning to attack Hezbollah before attacking Iran, in order to prevent a rain of 60,000 rockets from Lebanon.

Such a move would be stupid on Israel’s part. Hezbollah has firmly entered the political process in Lebanon, and wouldn’t invite a massive retaliation against its constituency. Iran’s hold on Hezbollah is insufficient to push it into a major war. The Lebanese slowly forgave Hezbollah for the 2006 war on the presumption that Israel acted unexpectedly, but a new, larger war would greatly damage Hezbollah’s electoral support.

If Hezbollah starts firing, Israel can react within hours, so there is no need to preempt. It is possible that these rumors are being disseminated by Israel to keep Hezbollah out of our quarrel with Iran; or Netanyahu and Barak might indeed be bent on proving themselves superior to Olmert and Peres.

Yitzhak Rabin memorialOnly about 20,000 leftist nuts gathered in Tel Aviv to commemorate the execution of Yitzhak Rabin, about one-fifth of the previous years’ average.

King David Hotel bombing in JerusalemFor several days moderate right-wingers competed to distance themselves from Jack Teitel, who is accused of terrorism against Arabs, ultra-leftists, and messianics.

Whether Teitel is guilty or not, whether he is a Shabak agent or an honest Jew, is irrelevant. What matters is that he is accused of actions which many people on the right have quietly urged for years—and few Jews have dared to do.

Jewish terrorism against Arabs is no less efficient than Arab terrorism against Jews: it is a reasonable means to an important political end.
Jewish terrorism against ultra-leftists is an expected response to the campaign of terror and incitement ultra-leftists are waging against settlers.
And while we welcome Christians as good friends, missionary activity in the Land of Israel is unacceptable.

It is good to know that Teitel got an attorney from Honenu, a charity which defends right-wing Jews in Israeli courts.

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