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Jews in UkraineThe Israeli Foreign Ministry will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which is suffering a swine flu pandemic. Israel is experiencing a severe shortage of swine flu vaccine, but will nevertheless forward a significant amount of its supply to Ukraine.

It takes Jewish masochism to help a nation which has slaughtered Jews almost to extinction three times in modern history: under Khmelnitsky, under Petlyura, and as Nazi collaborators. To this day, wildly anti-Semitic political parties are legal in Ukraine, and anti-Semitic literature is sold on every corner.

Caving in to the Goldstone report, IDF is investigating its alleged crimes in Gaza. The list includes self-evidently ludicrous allegations of firing white phosphorous shells at civilians and shooting civilians holding white flags. In the fog of war, some phosphorous shells indeed accidentally struck civilian homes, and some soldiers might not have notice the pieces of white cloth.

The problem is that, according to Jewish law, Jews must kill their enemies, even when they wave flags of whatever color. In halacha, once an enemy rebels against God by refusing to heed the demands of his people, that enemy must be killed, combatants and non-combatants alike.

Obama in the UNThe US ambassador to the UN pointedly stayed out of the General Assembly’s discussion on the Goldstone report. Many analysts misread the US move as a high-nosed rejection of the UN’s findings. This cannot be true, given Obama’s embrace of the UN and the presence of many EU ambassadors. Obama would not position his country in moral opposition to Europe.

The US ambassador’s absence was a painful remainder to Israel that Obama can act both ways. Now he generally agrees with Goldstone, but he abstained from supporting the GA’s resolution. But Obama’s absence showed that he did not want to publicly oppose the resolution either.

The EU essentially sided with the Muslims by urging Israel to prosecute her “war criminals.”

In a feat of hypocrisy, the GA’s resolution was introduced by Egypt—Israel’s major ally in the Gaza war. Egypt deceived Hamas with last-minute negotiations just before Israel launched the offensive, and closed the Rafah border with Gaza during the entire campaign.
When Egypt ruled Gaza from 1948 to 1967, it customarily shelled civilian centers with artillery to pacify the Palestinians.

Hezbolah rocketsThe Iranian arms shipment hijacked by Israel, included 3,000 rockets—a bit less than the total number Hezbollah fired at Israel during the 2006 Lebanon war. That shipment would bring Hezbollah’s rocket arsenals to about 50,000, a mammoth amount by any measure.

In the highly successful first strike of the 2006 war, IAF eliminated about half of Hezbollah’s rockets. No doubt Hezbollah is digging deeper and expects the next score to be much lower. Thus, it is preparing to launch some 20–30 thousand missiles at Israel.

Such an attack would devastate Israel’s northern communities and prompt harsh retaliation against Lebanon. Even as Hezbollah is becoming an increasingly political force, Iran is preparing it for an apocalyptic war with Israel.

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