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Israeli Military Intelligence revealed that Palestinians in Gaza have successfully tested Iranian-made rockets with a 40-mile range, which would allow them to target Tel Aviv.

Leftists ignored the rocket threat to Sderot, but would support bombing Gaza into dust for an attack on Tel Aviv.

It is often alleged that terrorists have an implicit arrangement withIsrael to avoid shelling high-ticket spots. Out of 12,000 rockets from Gaza, none hit Israeli gas and oil terminals nearby, and Hezbollah is careful to direct its rocket fire toward poor villages across the border rather than at a handful of affluent and influential kibbutzim at the same range.

The communist regime has finished reprocessing its 8,000 fuel rods into plutonium, adding at least two more nuclear bombs to its stockpile. Since North Korea had exported nuclear technology, uranium, and an entire reactor, no doubt it is ready to sell the bombs, too.

According to the Vienna draft, Iran would receive similar fuel rods, which it can also reprocess. The Russians have already supplied Iran with 80 tons of fuel rods for Bushehr.

Iran vacillates over the Vienna agreement: its various officials give contradicting replies. Iran needs to buy very little time to complete its nuclear cycle.

The European Court of Justice ruled, as expected, that Israeli products from the West Bank are not entitled to preferential tariffs in the EU because the West Bank is an occupied territory, rather than Israel proper.

No similar punitive measures were applied against Northern Ireland or French-occupied Corsica.

The White House has refused Israel’s request for a meeting between Netanyahu and Obama next week in New York.

Obama’s refusal to meet the Israeli PM contrasts with his availability to Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and large political donors.

Obama is equally offended by Israeli and Palestinian rejections of his peace overtures.

The Israeli government released yet another Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament, bringing the total number to seven.

The MPs were detained three years ago as bargaining chips to be exchanged for Shalit. Hamas proved less hysterically eager to free its valued members than Israel was about a single corporal.

The current releases are a prelude to the Shalit exchange.

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