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Police arrested Jack Teitel, a 37-year-old Jewish web designer, for allegedly carrying out shooting and bombing attacks over the past 12 years. Strangely enough, Teitel is implicated in just about every unsolved political crime that has been committed during this time.

First, Teitel is charged with killing two random Arabs in 1997. But the choice of Arabs! If Teitel indeed shot an East Jerusalem cab driver, why would he choose a shepherd for the second target? Killing another cab driver or a random Arab passerby would be much easier than risking discovery and capture by looking for an Arab shepherd in Hebron Hills.

Teitel also confessed to planting a bomb at Sternhell’s residence—which, it seemed at the time, was a blatant attempt to frame the right.

Teitel was allegedly behind the attack on a messianic family in Ariel. There are several anti-messianic groups in Israel, and Teitel, not an especially religious Jew, is the last person who should be suspected of the bombing.

Also, he is accused of planting a bomb at the police station in the settlement of Eli. Isn’t that a typical Arab job? No, say police, Teitel somehow sought to prevent police from protecting the gay parade in Jerusalem by bombing the station in Eli.

Teitel also reportedly confessed to shooting homosexuals, but did not supply any corroborating evidence.

It is unbelievable than a lone terrorist would perpetrate attacks so different and in so many different places. The pacing is also suspect: it would be unusual for a terrorist to kill two Arabs in 1997, and none since then—especially considering that Teitel had collected a venerable arsenal.

Teitel was arrested in the act of plastering anti-Arab posters on walls—not something you would expect from a lone shooter.

Teitel has a criminal background and was wanted in the United States. Shabak would find it easy to make him confess to any number of crimes.

Two people stabbed a soldier in the chin and sped away on motorcycle.

Raanana is a nice neighborhood in central Israel. Could it be that the Arabs want not only Judea and Samaria, but also Tel Aviv?

In a Media Line interview, former World Bank chief Wolfensohn shared one curious bit of information: the international plan for Gaza development was based on operating Israeli greenhouses left by Gush Katif evictees, and tourism.

Not surprisingly, the plan failed. The Palestinians immediately destroyed the greenhouses, which in any case could have employed a few thousand Arabs at most. The plans for tourism were equally questionable: with excellent, cheap, and safe Red Sea resorts in Egypt, why would foreigners fly to Gaza?

Michael Milken is the convicted swindler behind the US junk-bond and sub-prime mortgage crises. His “institute” issued a report urging Israel to “increase liquidity” in financial markets. In other words, Milken wants the Bank of Israel to allow here the same junk financial instruments which led to AIG’s collapse.

Police have released the names of the Usherenko family’s murderers. The murder, which shocked the country, left dead a family of six, including children.

It took the police just weeks to find the murderer, one Dmitry Karlik, a former employee in the family’s business.

The murder was made possible by the Israeli government’s refusal to extradite Karlik to Russia, where he is wanted for armed robbery. The refusal contrasts with the government’s readiness to extradite many other suspects.

While it refused to extradite Karlik, neither did the government prosecute him for the foreign crime, or at least make his past known to his  employer.

Neither the murderer nor his victims are Jewish.

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