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The UN Watch reports: Gay McDougall, the U.N.’s chief monitor of discrimination against minority groups, has just finished her investigation of… Canada. No similar investigation of Muslim states has been ever conducted.

The UNHRC’s special reporter on the right to adequate housing has launched an investigation of New York City.

J Street University branch has dropped the “pro-Israel” part of its “pro-Israel, pro-peace” slogan.

Which is only honest: the kind of peace they would impose on us runs against Israeli interests.

Amnesty International has issued another scathing report that accuses Israel of oppressing poor Palestinian terrorists.

One figure in the report is worthy of mention: Israel draws 80% of the mountain aquifer’s water. The mountains are entirely in the West Bank, and will fall under Palestinian sovereignty, thus depriving Israel of precious water resources.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry immediately countered the report by saying that the Palestinians draw half their water unofficially; most of it is stolen from Israeli water pipes. Only a Jewish state could de facto legalize an enemy’s crime.

A French court sentenced Arkady Gaydamak in absentia to six years in jail for weapons trading, money laundering, and corruption. Other participantsóFrench nationalsówere sentenced to very short terms.

Now Gaydamak cannot enter Israel because the government will extradite him to France.

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