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A young Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli soldier at Kalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem. The soldier is alive, so the lady is technically not a murderer, and will be freed soon on humanitarian grounds.

Even though her victim was a soldier, the fact that she was dressed in civilian clothes qualifies her act as terrorism. Still, Israel keeps the checkpoint open so that many more Palestinian terrorists can enter our country.

About a hundred Arabs holed themselves in Al Aqsa compound after violent clashes with Israeli police.

The police stormed the Temple Mount after security cameras showed the Arabs preparing rocks there to attack Israeli Jews and tourists. The Arabs responded with a hail of stones and firebombs.

Since storming Al Aqsa would be politically incorrect, police allowed the rioters to leave the compound unpunished.

Israeli Arab MKs condemned the brutal Israel police and the Jews who provoked those nice Arabs.
Rabbis see an abomination in ritually impure Jews ascending the Temple Mount rather than in Arabs hurling stones at Jewish police there.

Pinchas Wallerstein, the chairman of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, criticized the brave soldiers who refuse to dismantle Jewish settlements. According to Wallerstein, soldiers must not voice political opinions.

Instead, they must follow the opinions of treacherous government.

The council is financed by the Ministry of the Internal—a bunch of quislings on the government’s payroll.

October 2009
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