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Yossi Beilin, the second-smartest Israeli politician after Peres, and unbelievably filthy leftist scum, called on Obama’s envoy Mitchell to step down.

Mitchell is a close acquaintance of Beilin’s. Though Beilin veiled his call in the most polite terms of preserving Mitchell’s integrity, which has been shattered by the recalcitrant Netanyahu government, the Peres-Beilin camp is clearly dissatisfied by Mitchell’s relatively sensible approach.

Just as he did in Northern Ireland, Mitchell refrains from pushing, but rather lends himself to both sides so that their offers come ostensibly from America. This approach worked well in Northern Ireland, where the parties rejected any offers that came from their opponents but were willing to accept the same offers once they came from America, a neutral party.

When Beilin announced his intention to retire from politics, we immediately suspected that Peres was cooking another Oslo agreement. Then, too, Beilin worked behind the scenes. Peres no longer controls the government as he did at the time of the Oslo accords, and cannot provide his poodle with a sinecure free from Netanyahu’s influence.

Beilin’s involvement makes sense of Israel’s secret negotiations track with the Palestinians.

Beilin currently spends much of his time in the United States. Together with his close friend, anti-Israeli extremist Rahm Emanuel, he apparently plans to replace Mitchell with a more hard-line figure who would be able to bend Netanyahu.

Speaking to the press, Israel’s chief engineer for the Western Wall tunnels boasted that the recent digs near the Temple Mount greatly improved the stability of its buildings by reinforcing the mount with steel structures.

The Torah commands us to destroy Al Aqsa.

Livni sent a warm letter of greeting to the virulently anti-Israeli group J Street, whose conference even the Israeli Ambassador to the US declined to attend, citing the group’s hostility to our state.

Kadima will be represented at the J Street conference by MK Shlomo Molla, an Ethiopian who wants to legalize pedophilia and is accused of massive corruption, and Meir Sheetrit, a former Internal Minister whose views on Israeli security are compatible with those of the J Street anti-Semites.

Kadima has drifted very close to the ultra-left Meretz, and their political views are similar.

Barak has denounced the Vienna draft, which would quasi-legitimize Iran’s nuclear program. Barak noted that the export of uranium stocks would set back Iran’s nuclear development for a year (only 3-4 months according to our estimates, at the current centrifuge capacity).

Barak noted additionally that the agreement would allow Iran to continue operating centrifuges for low-level enrichment of uranium.

The US administration welcomed the agreement.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a decent, non-proselytizing charitable organization, has vowed to publicize the list of haredi recipients of its aid after rabbinical leader Rabbi Elyashiv pronounced IFCJ’s activities close to idolatry.

Taking money from Christians is doubtless unacceptable in Judaism, whose adherents pray after every meal to be spared dependence on foreigners for a living. The debate resurrects the age-old question of whether Christianity is idolatry—as maintained by almost all classical commentators, who cite the Trinity and icons as prima facie evidence of idolatry.

The IFCJ is right that haredi communities must take an honest position, and either spurn the giving hand or stop bad-mouthing it.

The Attorney General’s office has instructed the Internal Ministry to award Israeli citizenship to one Timothy Nicholas Steger. Born from a Jewish father, Steger was adopted by an anti-Semitic Catholic family.

Even the leftist Supreme Court holds that once a Jew converted to Christianity, he is no longer eligible to reside in Israel.

The Spanish government banned Israel’s Ariel University from the Solar Decathlon Europe science competition because the Jewish university sits in the “occupied” West Bank.

Such concern for occupation is curious for a country that used to be the world’s largest empire.

At the oath ceremony near the Western Wall, new soldiers of the Samson battalion of Kfir Brigade raised a banner stating their refusal to evacuate Jewish settlements.

The detachment will likely be disbanded, and its soldiers demoted to munda,ne non-combat positions.

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