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Both Hamas’ Haniye and Abbas scored just 16% in recent Palestinian polls, as close to zero as any ex-leader can get. Palestinian dissatisfaction with both terrorist factions can lead to peace, or to grassroots terrorism. Institutional terrorism affiliated with Fatah has long devolved into sham, with Fatah officials informing Israel on their own terrorists. The bulldozer and BMW terrorism shows Palestinian disaffection with Fatah: common Palestinians embark on terrorist acts on their own.

The FBI arrested top NASA scientist Stewart Nozette after agents trapped him by posing as Mossad operatives. Astonishingly, the FBI built a clear case of entrapment against an allied country.

The case is not unlike Pollard’s—a Jew of known Zionist views was put in charge of Department of Defense information which should have been delivered to Israel but was illegally withheld from her. Pollard was arrested when he provided Israel with information which the US had undertaken to provide but didn’t.

Republican officials in South Carolina were forced to apologize after publishing a statement taken by Jewish organizations as anti-Semitic. The statement in fact praised Jews: “There is a saying that the Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and letting the dollars take care of themselves.”

The Diaspora Jewish organizations want to assimilate and be no different from others. They take every mention of the Jews’ being different, even a positive mention, as an offense.

Israel’s Ambassador to the US refused to attend a J Street conference amid concerns that the organization’s policies harm Israel.

Though many senators had agreed to attend the conference, they will now refuse as well.

J Street’s financier, George Soros, remains at large, even though less prominent people would be jailed for sabotage for doing a fraction of what he does against America and Israel.

The government has refused to set up a commission of inquiry regarding the Gaza war.

Though such an investigation might theoretically preclude a hearing by the International Criminal Court, the Goldstone report preemptively impeached any such inquiry as biased.

Israel sensibly counts on the UNSC to block the Goldstone report on its way to the ICC because no world power wants to establish a precedent of prosecution which might endanger its own army.

Amid the continued water crisis, the government is talking to private desalination plants, suggesting that they work all day, rather than only in off-peak hours when electricity is relatively cheap.

The cost of desalinated water would thus double, greatly exceeding the price of water supplied to kibbutzim and to our Arab enemies. Common Jews who buy water at inflated rates will subsidize the agricultural lobby and terrorists.

Though China voted to approve the Goldstone report in the UNHRC, the country’s MP assured the Knesset Foreign Relations Committee that China would block the report in the UNSC. This way, China looks good both to Muslims in the UNHRC and to world powers in the UNSC.

The IAEA reported happily that Iran has agreed to a draft agreement under which it would export 75% of its nuclear stocks to Russia for processing into uranium rods. The devil is in the details.

The agreement does not obligate Iran to reveal its nuclear stocks, other than those enriched in Natanz. At least since 1991, Iran has imported tons of low-enriched uranium—and the latest large shipment arrived from North Korea this spring.

The agreement allows Iran to use Russian uranium rods at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center in Amirabad—something the ayatollahs have previously been denied. The small reactor produces plutonium. In conjunction with Russia, Iran enriches uranium in Amirabad by plasma method, a hugely expensive method whose only advantage is a small footprint, potentially allowing uranium enrichment in an apartment building.

If  Iran signs the agreement it will get foreign aid—and time to develop nuclear enrichment technologies.

A Meretz Party MK brought children of illegal migrants to a meeting of the Knesset Committee on Foreign Workers. Gutless Jews did not arrest and deport the insolent illegals.

The Israeli defense establishment is considering persecuting Palestinian terrorists in international courts. It would be easy for Israel to prove that Hamas officials have committed various war crimes. At the very least, such a move would preclude major Hamas leaders from traveling abroad.

Historically, other countries have shrunk from prosecuting Palestinian terrorists, or they pardon them quickly to avoid being targeted.

Indeed, why should foreigners arrest Palestinian terrorists when the Israeli government releases them in lopsided exchanges? Killing them all is a far more expedient solution.

Jerusalem District Court allowed the extradition to the United States of a group of swindlers who scammed about $2 million from elderly Americans.

Though the swindlers must undoubtedly be prosecuted, it is both Torah law and Israeli practice that they must stand trial before a Jewish court.

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