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Just as the world powers gathered for a second round of final talks with Iran, Jordan followed Egypt’s lead in downplaying the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Jordan’s king Abdullah declared that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rather than nukes, threatens regional stability. As if our conflict has anything to do with guerrilla wars between Yemen and Sudan, Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Egypt and Sudan, the UAE and Oman, or scores of other conflicts.

Facing the West’s inaction against Iran, Arab countries are preparing to live with it.

As the world’s negotiations with Iran resume in Vienna, Western powers seek to press Iran to deliver its nuclear stocks to Russia and France for reprocessing. Iran is highly unlikely to agree to transfer most of its uranium stockpiles because that would hamper its military nuclear program.

But Iran can actually agree to the deal because it has a significant amount of uranium from North Korea, which is not accounted for by the IAEA estimates.

Iran can deliver its uranium to Russia for yet another reason. By now, it would take Iran only three months to produce one ton of low-enriched uranium, enough for processing into a nuclear bomb. By abandoning its uranium now, Iran can defuse the crisis, and like North Korea, jump-start its nuclear development at a slightly later date.

Just as Gaza depends on its enemy for its water supply, so may Israel. The government has resumed talks with Turkey about importing fresh water. Turkey, an increasingly Islamist, pro-Iranian country, would be tempted to use water supply as leverage against Israel.

Even as she seeks to import water, Israel continues supplying Kineret water to Jordan and Palestine. Why don’t they import water from Turkey?

Dan Meridor holds a prestigious sinecure—the Israeli Intelligence Ministry, an empty shell which only houses his ambitions. Meridor is very upbeat on the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and has promised to restart negotiations soon, as Obama presses Israel to do.

Praising the cooperation of our Palestinian enemies, Meridor claimed there is currently no terror in Judea and Samaria. In fact, almost every week armed Palestinians are intercepted hours ahead of planned terrorist attacks.

Yesterday, we attributed the terrorist attack in Iran to Mujahedeen Khalq. It has since been revealed that the attack was carried out by Jundullah, a Sunni terrorist organization with a base in Afghanistan, also supported by the US.

Emboldened by the Goldstone report, which blamed Israel for defending herself in Gaza, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon accused Israel of violating UN Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Lebanon war.

Israel, mind you, “violated” the ceasefire by planting spy devices in Lebanon. A million violations by Hezbollah are not worth the UN’s attention.

Resolution 1701 has never been observed, as Hezbollah keeps rearming itself and Israel still conducts aerial raids into Lebanon.

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