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The Wall Street Journal exposed the culprits behind a conspicuous change in Israeli tactics in the West Bank this year. Besides the decrease in the overall number of operations, IDF has almost entirely ceased using helicopters against terrorist targets.

The WSJ attributes the change to American pressure to minimize civilian casualties among the Palestinians. The reduced risk to our Palestinian enemies comes at the cost of further endangering Jewish soldiers.

The Israeli political establishment gathered to commemorate Rehavam Zeevi, a former minister and the highest-ranking Kahanist politician. To keep it legal, Zeevi advocated the “voluntary” transfer of Arabs. The establishment honors him while ignoring his views.

Zeevi was murdered by Fatah Arabs under very strange conditions, which strongly suggests the involvement of Shabak. Zeevi’s guard left his side just before the assassination.

The mastermind behind Zeevi’s assassination is to be freed in the Shalit exchange.

Israel’s best PM attempted to deliver a speech at Chicago University, a place even Rabbi Kahane shied away from because of its extreme pro-PLO stance. Olmert remained calm in the face of pro-PLO barking, but inevitably failed to convince the public of Israel’s righteousness.

The US State Department condemned a terrorist act in Iran which took the lives of a number of senior Revolutionary Guard commanders.

The terrorist act was apparently carried out by Mujahedeen Khalq, the Muslim socialists who initially aligned themselves with Khomeini but began to struggle against the ayatollahs after Khomeini refused them their share of government posts and budget allocations. The US and Britain support Mujahedeen Khalq.

El Baradei, the head of the IAEA, says that the Iranian nuclear threat is exaggerated, Iran can bring peace to the region, and the world must concentrate on denuclearizing the Middle Eastócode for disarming Israel.

El Baradei and the IAEA received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, while IAEA chose to ignore Iran’s jump-starting of its nuclear program.

El Baradei’s stance seem toindicate that Egypt has given up on destroying Iran’s nuclear program and has instead opted for rapprochement with the nuclear mullahs.

The European Jewish Congress, which is headed by ultra-corrupt Russian-Jewish oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor, has established a lobbying office in Brussels. Heralded as Europe’s AIPAC, it is nothing of the sort, but is rather Kantor’s private office to be used for bolstering his position in Europe.

Like many other Jewish oligarchs (notably Bronfmans), Kantor uses his Jewish office for personal gain. By heading the EJC he made inroads into the EU establishment.

Rabbi Kahane called them Jewish barons, for just like barons they are self-appointed and do not represent the Jewish masses.

A mild scandal erupted between the Knesset and the Justice Ministry over the government’s policy of paying civil damages levied on individual policemen by Israeli courts. The law was meant initially to protect civil servants against ultra-leftist courts, which often slapped them with fines for being less than polite toward our Arab enemies. Eventually the government also paid the fines for policemen accused of brutally attacking right-wing protesters.

There is no solution here: policemen will either stop enforcing the law with respect to Arabs for fear of civil damages, or they will feel free to oppress right-wing activists, too.

General James Jones called on the Israeli government to open the Gaza crossings.

His demand makes sense. It is clear now that the border closure is not helping to bring Shalit back. Free cargo traffic to Gaza does not preclude Israel from controlling the movement of strategic goods, and in any case Hamas smuggles enough cement and pipes from Egypt to build bunkers and rockets.

A better option would be to close Israel’s border with Gaza forever, as any sovereign state is entitled to do, but allow Gazans to bring goods through the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

The UN Security Council got five new temporary members. The world’s security will be guarded by Lebanon, Brazil, Gabon, Nigeria, and Bosnia. Lest Brazil look out-of-place in the company of these paragons of human rights and stability, local drug traffickers downed a police helicopter in Rio in a battle today.

Lebanon is not an UNHCR member, but the four other countries either supported the Goldstone report or abstained from voting on it.

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