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As expected, the UNHRC has approved the Goldstone report. The move isn’t particularly troubling because the UNSC will block it on its way to the International Criminal Court. The only thing to watch in this regard is whether Obama will blackmail the Israeli government to obtain peace concessions in exchange for blocking the report in the UNSC.

The UNHRC resolution went further than Goldstone himself, and did not mention Hamas and possibly PLO war crimes as the report does.

Russia and China voted to support the resolution, as did other paragons of human rights, including Saudi Arabia and Zambia. India also supported the resolution despite its own problems with Muslims. Britain and France refrained from voting after Netanyahu’s government refused to give them assurances that it would investigate the Goldstone report on its own. Burkina Faso abstained after receiving aid from Israel.

Turkey’s deputy PM in charge of state TV asserted that Turkish-Israeli ties remain strong despite “Israel reacting to the drama.”  The drama in question is a virulently anti-Semitic TV series which shows Israeli soldiers killing cute and smiling Palestinian children at point-blank range.

IDF busted a large rocket lab in the Arab village of Abu Dis, next to a large Jewish town called Maaleh Adumim. The village is under Fatah rather than Hamas control.

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