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The British PM and other leaders are urging the Israeli government to investigate Goldstone’s accusations. That would offer the world community a way out of their uncomfortable dilemma: oppose Muslim thugs in the UNHRC or risk the establishment of a precedent which would allow ultra-leftists to hunt down any army after any anti-terrorist operation.

The UNHRC will endorse the Goldstones report today, despite opposition from civilized countries.

Israeli media are lauding a statement by the Chinese Ambassador that his country firmly opposes Iran’s nukes. What he said, however, was something entirely different: that China supports Iran’s right to utilize nuclear energy according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

In plain words, China supports Iran’s right to run a nuclear enrichment facility, but would issue a formal condemnation once Iran tested a bomb.

In a Knesset briefing, IDF estimated the number of African illegals waiting to cross into Israel from Egypt at close to a million.

Touchy Jews, of course, cannot shoot at infiltrators, and sigh when Egyptian border policemen do their job.

The Knesset committee remained undecided what to do about the threat. The answer is simple: make Israel economically unattractive to illegal immigrants. They must be refused any jobs or subsidies, those who aid them must be prosecuted for abetting a crime, and the illegals must be deported to UNRWA refugee camps in Gaza.

American Jewish communities may be struggling for funding, and parents may be unable to put their kids into ever-more-expensive Hebrew schools, but the United Jewish Communities has established a Jewish-Arab Employment Zone Loan Fund to help Israeli Arabs.

Never mind that those Arabs do not pay taxes and compete with Jewish business in Israel.

As we expected, the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation did not occur. Hamas found a pretext in Abbas’ initially lax attitude toward the Goldstone report.

The Times has revealed that an Italian contingent in Afghanistan bribed the Taliban not to attack Italians.

We might add that Italians in UNIFIL bribed Hezbollah similarly.

The Russians reportedly have agreed to supply Syria with Onyx surface-to-sea missiles capable of reliably hitting the Israeli Navy.

Just like Syria’s other arsenals, the rockets will find their way to Hezbollah.

S-300 in the air and Onyx at sea severely curtail Israeli offensive capabilities: a rocket costs a thousand times less than its target.

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