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Palestinian prime minister Fayad denounced the “Mickey Mouse” state offered by Netanyahu. Fayad is right: Israel cannot dictate to the Palestinians whether they can have an army, and in PR terms the Palestinians cannot forfeit their right to one. Indeed, if they have lived under occupation (as the Israeli government says they have) for forty years, it is only reasonable for them to have an army.

Even if the Palestinians accept a demilitarized state, nothing precludes them from changing their minds later. The world has already tried the scenario of a demilitarized Rhineland.

The Israeli government is afraid to state unequivocally that we will not accept a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.

The French newspaper Le Canard Enchainé reported dubious information coming from the French General Staff. According to the report, Israeli Chief of Staff Ashkenazi told his French counterpart that Israel plans to subvert Iranian nuclear facilities with commandos rather than bomb them. If so, the affair would greatly damage IAF’s prestige, demonstrating its inability to bypass Iranian air defenses.

The truth is probably just that Israel needs to use commandos to neutralize Iranian SAM batteries and clear the way for an IAF strike.

According to a Ben Gurion University study, 80% of Arabs don’t pay municipal taxes. Rather than enforcing the law, the academics suggest that further improving living conditions for Arabs would somehow shame them into paying taxes.

It remains unclear why productive Jewish citizens of Israel should subsidize our enemies and squatters in the Promised Land.

If reports of Ayatollah Khamenei falling into a coma prove true, the Rafsanjani-led Council of Elders may appoint a new leader. Since Rafsanjani is searching for a pretext to remove him, Khamenei might be replaced even if remains alive but incapacitated.

Rafsanjani is ultra-corrupt and politically moderate, but he is the godfather of Iran’s nuclear program. Rafsanjani ran a nuclear research network that was secret even from Ayatollah Khomeini, who issued a fatwa banning WMD. Rafsanjani pressed Khomeini’s successor, Ayatollah Khamenei, to issue a fatwa circumventing Khomeini’s ban. Khamenei’s refusal to overrule the Imam is the only thing preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons immediately.

October 2009
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