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Turkey sent a delegation of a whopping ten ministers for talks in Syria. Turkey’s Islamist government is attempting to reposition its country as the center of the Islamic world while Syria drags Turkey into the Iranian-led coalition. Economic ties between Iran and Turkey are already very strong.

Whoever will be the leader, an Islamist alliance between Iran, Turkey, and Syria is in works.  Saudi king Abdullah’s recent visit to Syria suggests that the Sunni kingdom is considering joining the alliance.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia, formerly close US allies, are drifting toward Islamist geopolitics. Iran, too, used to be a major American ally.

After Abbas reneged on his promise to Obama to hold off the UNHRC hearing, a Palestinian delegation convinced several other countries to demand an immediate hearing on the report.

Though UNHRC usually passes resolutions critical of Israel easily, this time the stakes are too high: UNHRC might send the case to the International Criminal Court. Still, the US apparently lacks sufficient leverage to stop the Muslim-dominated UNHRC from adopting the most radical resolution.

Instead of resorting to fervent lobbying, Israeli would do well to stand trial in the Hague and either prove its right to fight terrorists, or establish a precedent so harmful to all civilized states fighting terrorists that the ICC will be dismantled. On other hand, the ICC’s acquittal of Israel would happen quietly, while the damaging news of Jews tried in the Hague would reach everyone’s ears; thus the overall PR effect might be negative.

The Israeli government earlier promised to release the tapes on which Abbas pleads for the Gaza operation in exchange for delaying the UNHRC vote. If the tapes are not released soon, we may assume that Israel, the US, and the PLO arranged with UNHRC to hear the report but not send the case to the ICC.

Abbas’ efforts in UNHRC were a snub at Obama, who had received a promise to the contrary from him. The PLO acted as it did in UNHRC despite receiving most of its funding from America (aid) and Israel (tax transfers). The list of countries that signed the petition includes Egypt and Jordan—Israel’s peace partners—and Saudi Arabia, America’s ally. So much for Arabs’ goodwill and promises.

The Russians have rejected sanctions on Iran, saying that the time is not yet ripe.

The rejection reverses Russia’s previous acceptance of sanctions. We might expect the Russians to similarly rethink their promise not to sell S-300 to Iran.

Pauperized Iran managed to offer the Russians a better bribe than mega-rich America.

Rabbi Meir Kahane condemned the racism of the Jewish establishment, which lashed out against white anti-Semites but not black ones, lest they be accused of racism. For the rabbi, people were good on their own merits, regardless of their skin color.

Israeli politicians remain silent in the face of Yediot Aharonot’s revelation of  massive corruption on the part the only Ethiopian MK, Molla, who pocketed money from Jewish and Christian charities. He is also known for demanding that the government lift the ban on pedophilia and allow Ethiopians to marry 12-year-old brides.

The IBD poll shows that Obama’s support among independent voters has dropped from 75% to 45%. Independent voters largely determine the outcome of elections in situations in which both parties rally approximately similar number of voters. With his current rate of support among independents Obama cannot win reelection, and the downward trend will likely continue.

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