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Reacting to severe criticism over his meeting with Netanyanu in the United States, and the decision to postpone the UNHRC hearing on the Goldstone report, Abbas adopted militant stance and rejected the possibility of peace with Israel until Jerusalem is liberated from the Jews.

It remains unclear why Israel needs peace with the Palestinians on their terms after having defeated them repeatedly throughout seven decades of warfare.

An agreement between Israel and Jordan allowed Arab rioters to leave the Temple Mount unharmed. Israeli Arab citizens were represented in talks with the Israeli government by Jordan.

Jordan threatened to expel the Israeli Ambassador if police stormed the Temple Mount to evict the rioters. Israel, which boasts the world’s fourth-strongest army, humbly acceded to the petty kingdom’s demands.

As part of the deal, Netanyahu made an explicit declaration that Israel is not digging under the Temple Mount, nor does she intend to. In our capital, at our holiest place, Jews do not conduct archeological work lest Muslims sensitivities be offended.

Hamas refused to sign a reconciliation agreement with Fatah, allegedly because Haniye cannot bring himself to shake Abbas’ hand after the PA chairman delayed the UNHRC hearing on the Goldstone report.

Hamas’ demarche reveals the extent to which it commands the Palestinian unity coalition.

As the three-month moratorium on deporting children of illegal immigrants nears its end, Netanyahu is expected either to extend it or abandon the deportation altogether.

The illegals got a clear message that Israel has essentially an anchor-baby policy: come here, have a child, and stay in Israel forever. Sensitive Jews will even shower you with subsidies and free education.

October 2009
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