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Confirming our prediction, presidential candidate Mousawi said in an interview with Israel Radio that the Iranian nuclear program is fully transparent and open to IAEA’s inspection. In other words, there is no reason for Iran to cease or change its nuclear development.

Turkey pulled out of a joint air force exercise with Israel even after Israel brought NATO into the drill to make it more palatable to the Turks. The cancellation decision came from the Islamist political echelon which overrode the traditionally cooperative stance of the Turkish military.

Though Turkey cited the Gaza war as the reason for cancellation, the truth is that Turkey wants no part in an exercise aimed against Iran.

The fact that NATO canceled its participation in the exercise immediately after Turkey’s decision confirms that IAF had a central role in the exercise and a coming attack on Iran.

Just as Turkey’s Islamist parties crumbled in the municipal elections and might not survive the next national elections, Islamists are making inroads into the army and subverting that atheistic and pro-Israeli institution.

In a sign of what is in store for Israel, the Obama administration pressed the Armenian government to establish diplomatic ties with Turkey. Hillary Clinton directed the last-minute negotiations from her command post at a parking lot in Zurich; the Secretary of State stayed in her car.

Just as Turkey terminated a joint military exercise with Israel and NATO, Obama rewarded the Islamist government by making Armenia forfeit its grievances over the Turkish genocide.

The agreement between Turkey and Armenia bypassed the genocide issue, which is central for Armenians, and relegated it to unspecified future studies. Effectively, the agreement denies the Turkish genocide of Armenians.

Obama hopes to curry favor with Turkey, where popular approval of US policies has sunk to single-digits.

Next year, Jordan will start digging a channel from the Red sea to the Dead Sea. Initially conceived as a joint project with Israel, the channel would bring water to the Dead Sea at a time when Jordanians and Palestinians are over-pumping the Jordan River, which normally feeds the Dead Sea.

On the Israeli side, the project is being lobbied for by Shimon Peres, whose fund will handle the financing.

The mega-project spells an ecological catastrophe for the Dead Sea. Red Sea waters, rich with fauna, will turn dead when entering the salty Dead Sea, and contaminate its basin.

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